Friday, November 11, 2005


Is there anything wrong with leaving work on a random Friday with a stressed out friend at 3:45, going to a close bar, having a shot of Jager, and returning to work as if nothing has happened?




This would never be done by me, or anyone that I know.


librarian pirate said...

is there anything wrong with drinking a swig of bailey's straight from the bottle when on your way to a fundraiser?

answer: no

disclaimer: this would never be done by me, or anyone that I know

Stephanie said...

One word: Awesome.

Kat said...

Haha, we are twins!

My coworker and I left for our fifteen minute break on Thursday, went to the bar across the street, had a gigantic glass of wine, andc came back to work. It was ALLLLL RIIIIGHT.

markus said...

the only thing wrong with that is you didn't invite us!

pete said...

It is in fact wrong. The pro move would have been not to return to work at all.

SarahReznor said...

you rock :)

Tabitha Dial said...

Friends and enjoying yourself are more important than work.

The meaning of life isn't to please your boss and always do "the right thing".

Good lord.

Some days you just need to leave the grind for awhile.

And Librarian Pirate: MMMmmm.... Bailey's.

And Kat: You saying "It was ALLL RIIIGHT" has put a Velvet Underground song in me 'ead. YAY!!!

ribbiticus said...

no. you were helping out a friend in need and you came back to work. it's not as though you pretended to be sick and didn't go back at all...:)

JH said...

Pink Shoe, the greatest EA ever, saves yet another co-worker from certain suicide in the workplace. Pink Shoe is my superhero. She fights corporate greed and craziness with alcohol and laughter. All this with a broken butt!!