Thursday, November 17, 2005

There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere...

Let me set something straight first: I have mad love for William Shatner. I think he's hysterical. I love his ability to be self-depricating. When, on Boston Legal a few weeks ago, they were talking about sea lice, and how they're called "cling ons," he paused and dramatically said, "Klingons?" and I haven't stopped laughing about it yet.

I really like that he's doing cheesy ambulance-chasing lawyer commercials here in St. Louis - the national kind, where it's obvious that in the one cut he says the name of the St. Louis law firm, and the next cut he said the name of some law firm in Duluth, and the next cut it was somewhere like North Platte.

I like that he even seems to have a sense of humor about his crazy bad singing career. And when I say crazy BAD, I mean it.

I love almost everything about him. But this latest stunt is a little weird.

He wants to sell his kidney stone on ebay. God help us all.


WendyWings said...

ROTFL my friend is Bills webmaster, the dude is NUTZ,but in a good way :)

Sandy said...

Here via michele tonight.

The thing of it is, some trekkie will actually buy that kidney stone. It will sit in some fancy display case with it's own spotlight.

Thumper said...

But it's for charity...right?

I luv Bill :)

Here via Michele's tonight!

Plumkrazzee said...

There's something cool about Willy, alright. And yes, we should form a club....I shopped Grand Junction at least once a month for 3 years. Probably saw you at some point, weird.

Kat said...


But I agree, Marcia--I love Shatner!

JoeC said...

i think he is a lil willy, been in one too many transporter in str trk. cheers!

John said...

So, is the auction going to be in dollars or Starfleet credits?

JH said...

HEY!! Don't make fun of North Platte. You can't make fun of the place until you have lived there for at least 3 months, which I have. God help anyone who lives there for more than that. 3 months is enough to make one crazy.

Kat in da Hat said...

OMG! I HATE Bill Shatner. I still believe he murdered his wife.

He and OJ can rot together!

markus said...

what can you do with a kidney stone? make jewelry?

Tabitha Dial said...


Who can take a kiiiidney stone...
sell it on E-bay...
After people think
you're brain has all but rotted away...

William Shatner can!!

Will Shatner can cause he's a little off
and laughs that he don't sing good...

pete said...

I actually bought Shatner's CD from last year. I think it is very good. Ben Folds produced it. I recommend the "Common People" cover and his rant on "I can't get behind that" with Henry Rollins.

Brett said...

William Shatner, on You'll Have Time:

"Live life Live life
like you're gonna die.
Because you are.
You're gonna die"

Genius, plain und simple.

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