Saturday, December 03, 2005

I finally decorated for Christmas

It's 18 inches tall, from Urban Outfitters, and was $12. I have tons of holiday spirit.

I had the option of getting either the pink, silver, or white tinsel tree. I thought I'd be nice and get the silver, instead of the obvious choice for me.

But then I got pink lights, which, as tinsel is reflective, make the entire tree look pink.

I so rock.


margalit said...

Did you also get the red/green/yellow revolving light that goes in front of the tree? very popular when I was growing up in Los Angeles in the 60's.

Michele sent me.

kontan said...

margalit i heard those lights are selling like hotcakes on ebay! lol.

cute tree! maybe that's what i should do for my classroom and put blue lights to add a little school spirit to my Christmas cheer!

here via michele

YellowRose said...

Got my tree up last night! That tree daughter would love that one!!

And I remember the one's like Margalit mentioned...we had one when I was a kid...very cool.LOL

Here via Michele's tonight!

Deana said...

Your tree is delightful....Tinsel is the way to go for a young fun single girl with pink shoes! Michele sent me!

Kat said...

I love your tree, Marcia!!! Pink and silver--best possible color combination.

rob said...


It's reminiscent of some of the trees the boys pass up in "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

Michelle sent me.

Crazy MomCat said...

I was thinking just what Rob said--Charlie Brown Christmas. Cute!

Michele sent me!

Marcia said...

margalit, kotan, yellow rose - I would be so cool if I had that. I wish I did.

deana - if only! yes to the young, fun, girl with pink shoes, no to the single! But as it's my first married christmas, I think I'm allowed to still do tinsel

kat - I KNEW you'd love it.

rob and crazy - my husband hasn't stopped hummy that charlie brown song!

deeleea said...

Hello Michelle sent me!

Love the tree! It's a bit trippy though, I just posted pictures of mine!!

Merry Christmas!

SarahReznor said...

i'm glad you got into the spirit! i was worried for a minute!

Tabitha Dial said...


No trees up indoors 'round here...

em locke said...

I, on the other hand, was unable to resist the pink one! Yours looks straight out of the store display, I love it!

DAD said...

Very logical tree.


Kelly said...

"rob" said "Rad".
I haven't heard (or seen) that word in so long, I may just have to blog about it.
I LOVE your tree.
I wish I had an Urban Outfitters near me...... But I don't. It's far far away in San Fran.
Sad for me aren't you?

sbc the muse said...

Just wanted to let you know that the Urban Outfitters tree was in the Chicago Tribune today - you are SO ahead of the trend (not that we didn't know that already about you).

And I quote: "Despite how sad it looks, the little tree ($24, actually is quite sturdy, because the limbs are wire-filled. It comes with a crisscrossed wooden base and a lone ornament. You can make the poor fake fir look as if it's about to topple from the weight of that single red glass ball, or add your own decorations to give it a more festive appearance."

sbc the muse said...

I also wanted to add that my boyfriend's parents have a white frosted fake tree that revolves. It has white spotlights on the floor that reflect on it while it spins. I'm not kidding - you cannot make this stuff up!

blackbird said...

you do, you totally rock.

the pink lights are an especially good touch.