Thursday, December 01, 2005

Pete Doherty Arrested

Suspected drug possession.

Suspected? Even I, sitting on my couch in Missouri, know that the "white substance" found on Pete Doherty is something that causes "a really good time." And is illegal.


Logan said...

I wanna be Pete Doherty for Hallowe'en next year.

Well, either him or Margaret Perrin.

markus said...

is he ever NOT holding?

e-liz said...

"...allegedly showed her taking cocaine."
I liked this line about Kate Moss, and since it was allegedly, she checked into rehab.

Marcia said...

logan - both good ideas. but unless you're in possession of a fat suit, Pete Doherty would be easier (and has more potential for getting you arrested!).

Markus - if I were a police officer, I'd arrest him every time I saw him! I'd get officer of the year!

e-liz - I like that people were shocked that the originator of "heroin chic" was taking drugs. Oh wait, no, I didn't like it, I thought that people were DUMB.

Kelly said...

Okay... that story broke about 8 thousand years ago.... And they are JUST getting around to arresting him?!
Holy Crap!

Logan said...

But to an extent, he has to be given the benefit of the doubt.

I mean, white substance could have been found on me any number of times (more likely on my chest than under my nose, of course), and God knows a really good time was involved in each instance.

Peaches said...

Um....yeah, it's coke. Sounds like the driver was also taking advantage of presence of said "white substance" while he was supposed to be paying attention to the road....benefit of the doubt...I don't think so.

BTW Michele sent me. And cute shoes on the 30th!