Thursday, February 16, 2006

Asti and Gilroy

One of the best things about going to visit my in-laws is hanging out with the dogs.

Aren't they cute?

Now, Asti, named, of course, after the champagne (the wine with little bubbles for the dog with little spots), is a very proper dog. She's actually Asti II, because, in the great tradition of the Simpsons, the thought is that once one has a great pet name, one will name all the future pets the same. And it's cold in Ohio! Asti, with her short hair, needs a coat!

But Gilroy is the dog that I know best. Senior year in college, my husband and his roommates decided to get a dog. Now, in an apartment where dogs are against the rules and there's great potential for the dog to be left alone for more than 10 hours a day, this is not a great idea.

But. The four roommates walked into the pound, and this was the first dog they saw. And yes, he came with the name. And... he lasted a full semseter in the apartment before he went to go live with my in-laws. Where he has a huge yard to run around in and a cute little friend to hang out with. And we get to visit him.

My husband hadn't been home in almost 6 months, but when he walked in the door, Gilroy actually cried he was so happy to see him.

Ok, ok, I know what you want. I'll post another picture.



Liz said...

These dogs are some hot sluts!

goirishkj said...

I made the mister look at the doggie pictures and he went "awwwww" in kinda a high pitch pathetic wail. Seriously, those dogs are cuties!

J-Wat said...

I love those dogs!!!!

v said...

those be some good looking dogs.

what type of dog is Gilroy?

Marcia said...

v - he's mostly beagle. Some people who know claim all beagle (which we think is crapola) and some claim he probably has something like collie in him. But he's darn cute, isn't he?

Kat said...

I want those dogs!!! I want to hug them.

TheIdleReceptionist said...


Zee said...

How adorable!! I miss mine...

Jane said...

Perhaps you could also mention that the first night at home, Gilroy puked on my leg. But I still love him. =)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

These doggies are dear!

Virenda said...

I wish that we could have a doggie of our own but we rent so it's pretty much impossible, that and my lack of love for dog hair. :0)

Gilroy is soooo cute!!

Love the dog sweater, lol. We have a dog in our neighborhood that wears a black dress with little cherries on it, we live where it's hot so she lives in her dresses year round. Dog clothes are adorable, sometimes weird but adorable.

Ellen K. said...

Awwwwww. I love beagle mixes. Sadie is part beagle. Asti looks like a very gentle dog. Or maybe just scared of the camera, like Sadie.

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