Wednesday, February 15, 2006


One of the things I do when I'm fooling around at work at home is to check out the first few posts of blogs I like. It's interesting to see how blogs that I like started out, what they wanted to be at the beginning, how corny they are... (If you want to see corn, check out my first post. Wait. That's embarassing. Never mind. Don't do it. Hold up! What are you doing? Stop clicking!!! Well, if you have to click, at least check out my second post - it's at least readable...)

And so, I was reading Kiki's blog earlier today, and her blog ALWAYS amuses me, and I was struck by how her first posts are similar to her recent posts - the same confident, funny voice, the same voyeuristic glimpses into her life. Seriously, people, if you don't read her, you should.

But in her first post, Kiki links to this "how to blog" busblog entry. Reading this make me feel again the excitement I felt when I first started this blog. Go read his list. It makes me want to post more. It makes me want to write more text-heavy posts and let everyone more into my personal life. I should try not to worry so much if people are going to like my posts. I should post my cheap political shots (I mean, that guy that Cheney shot? I think he's been dead for days, and they're just slowly letting the news out. Plus, if this is how Cheney treats people who give him big donations, I don't even want to know what he'd do if he met someone like me, a person who thinks he's evil). Hell, I should post more from work.

So, I'm going to try. Don't worry, I'm not going in for any drastic changes. Hopefully just more of what you like best about The Pink Shoe.

I don't usually do this, but why do all of you out there in BlogLand blog? Tell me in the comments. Even you people who don't normally comment, I'd love to know.


J-Wat said...

Bring it on!

tony said...

i blog so the ladies will love me!

(btw it's the "busblog" cuz i used to ride the bus - not the bushblog)

sooooo happy you liked the post!!!

Ryan Oakley said...

I do it so I can keep track of some of the shit I find that may come in handy later.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

I blog from boredom...but in the midst I am re-discovering my love of writing.

And I, too, have been urging myself to go for more copy heavy posts...posts that mean something!

Keep it up, Mar-see-uh...and I'll keep reading!

Kiki said...

Damnit! Blogspot ate my first comment! So round 2!

First, thanks for the shout out! I feel so honored. The reason I blog is because I'm bad about calling my friends. Now my blog is a centralized place where my firends can read about my whortastic tendancies.

P.S. I read your blog everyday and I love your audience comments as well. I would love to hear about your political rantings. But the blog is terrif as is!

e-liz said...

I'm excited to see the changes!

I like that blogging gets me thinking and writing everyday. I don't write a lot on my blog because I don't like to read long posts, so why would I make others? But it gets my creative side a chance to stretch.

jane said...

It's therapy for me. For so many years I've had these thoughts bottled up in my head. Now, I can write them & amazingly a lot of other people think the same thing. God,that makes me feel human.
It's also documentation of family history I've learned about & family memories & stories as they happen.

The first time I saw your blog was when you did a critique of what people wore to some awards show & you just had me in stitches. It just had such a girly flair & aside from that, it was right on!

Be true to yourself :)

Popps said...

I blog because I have too many t-shirts and I have a story about each and every one. Okay, so they're not all INTERESTING stories, but they're stories nonetheless.

And, when I'm old, and blogs are mentioned in the same sentence as telegrams and smoke signals, I'll be able to tell my grandchildren (or grand-robot-clones) that I used to blog back in the day.

lydia said...

Well at least you got comments straight away, that's a feat and no mistake.Why do I blog? To give my boyfriend a break from my verbal diorrhea. Poor boy!

Jen said...

She is adorably hilarious. A riot. I am going to link her for just being so fab.