Tuesday, March 28, 2006

At Long Last: The First Flickr Post

Also recieved in the mail yesterday: This damn cute card (also included in this package: fabulous presents. But I feel that I'm already posting enough pictures, you'll see the presents [which are cooking implements, and pink] in future "Goddess in the Kitchen" posts).

Yes, that's a pink "Princess" ribbon. And a BEADED shoe card. And guess what else? Check out the cute inside of the card:

I tell you, I got the best in-laws out there.

Also: Jaime got flowers yesterday. From our boss' boss' boss. Because she's amazing at her job. Seriously. I've never been so amazing at my job that my boss' boss' boss has done anything for me! We're lucky that my boss' boss' boss knows my name - she seriously stopped me in the hall a few months ago and asked me if my name was Marsha or MarSEEah. Well, at least she asked. Anyway, on to the flowers.

Yes, we're all jealous. They're pretty and springy. And the little hyacinth in the center there? has a bulb and roots attached so she can plant it in her garden!

And, as I like things that are sparkly, check out the chandelier in my living room:

The cool thing about renting a place in an apartment building built at the turn of the century is all the cool detailing. And we lucked out with our apartment - there's a chandelier in the living room AND the dining room AND the foyer.

It's going to be hard to not try and sneak that out of the apartment when we move, because, frankly, after living with chandeliers for a year, I don't think I can go back to regular light fixtures.


Summer said...

I love your chandelier! It's very pretty. Living in a unique apartment will be hard. I would love to have a cute little house like that. Chandeliers everywhere!

Cinthia said...

Wow, looks like somebody was spoiled for her birthday... Lucky you!

Oooh I love chandeliers! So pretty!

Virenda said...

I'm so envious I'm turning green and I'm much rather be pink. ~sigh~

LOVE LOVE the chandelier and LOVE the cute card and bouquet. The flowers are awesome. I look forward to the pink kitchen utensil pictures.

You do have great in-laws. ~wink~

Anonymous said...
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TheIdleReceptionist said...

Wow! I bet you have all sorts of groovy crown molding and such as well. Nothing like a place with character.

Liz said...

You know you could totally go to home depot and snag some light fixtures that have a same-sized or bigger base and switch them out before you leave... as long as you get to it before the showings start, I think you'd get away with it... Not that I've done anything like that before, or anything...

doggerelblogger said...

Sigh - a girl after my own heart. I am TOTALLY DOWN with having chandeliers in every room, and also wearing them as jewellery or hats.

Mmmm. Shiny.

e-liz said...

1. I love that card.
2. I'm going to start sending myself flowers because they are so pretty and it I would never have to hang up the crabby sign if I did.
3. Your apartment is adorable and I think we should find a way to steal the chandlier.

Kat said...

Please send me all that cute stuff. Including the chandelier.

jane said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty. You're so right about going w/o a chandelier when you move. I think I'd stay there forever just for the lighting.
Happy, happy birthday!

erinberry said...

oooooh, love the flowers!