Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oh Yes. I Lied About Blogging More Before Work. Except For This. Damn It.

In other news, I love my new haircut, I hate it when it's grey outside, and I'm thinking of getting a Flickr account so that Blogger will stop fucking me with the not uploading of pictures. Yes, Flickr will probably fuck me occasionally, too, but at least this way I'll have options - if one is being a pain, they I can upload pictures to the other.

Also, it's too cold to wear the new t-shirt to work (yes, I know, I don't usually let the weather dictate my fashion. But it's COLD!). So I'll wear it soon.

AND. Kat tagged me with a 4 Things Meme. BUT. I've already done it. I get tagged with a meme, which is rare, and I've done it already! Which is rarer. In fact, I think it's the only meme I've ever done. I don't even have a 100 things list.

Now. Time for work.


Liz said...

Umm, that shirt is hot... you should have worn it anyway... maybe with a long sleeved t-shirt under it.

But I understand about being cold... it's cold here too, and apparently my office lacks thermostat control

Kat said...

I somehow got into my head that this was part of the same post I just commented on. But as it was not, I felt compelled to comment again. Where is the pic of your new haircut?!

Anonymous said...

I actually started to feel like spring here.

That means lots of rain. Wear the t-shirt tomorrow :-)

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah, make that IT started to feel like spring, not I started to feel like spring.

Although I do feel like spring.

e-liz said...

how did i totally miss your 4 things post before?
well, i'm caught up now.

kim said...

You can post photos and blog from flickr TO blogger, which is kinda cool. I dig flickr.

Are you feeling better?

Zee said...

Hey... I don't have a 100's list either.

One of my resolutions for this year is NOT to do any memes. So far, so good. :)