Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I Would Write More, But I'm Old and Falling Apart and Need My Sleep.

Wow. My sister sent me a shirt for my birthday.

But that's not all. Check out what she had printed on the back hem:

I almost want to make it my blog header, I love it so much.

And yes, I'm wearing it to work tomorrow. And yes, it has previously been determined that I have no regard for proper work attire. Besides, I'll blend in to my pink-papered cube.

Also, you were going to get pictures of: the fabulous presents from Matt's Aunt Liz, the sparkly chandelier in my apartment, and the flowers that Jaime got at work from our boss' boss' boss. BUT. Blogger sucks and the pictures aren't, you know, uploading. So maybe you'll get them tomorrow before work.

Blogging while I wear the shirt that advertises my blog. Priceless.


Virenda said...

LOVE that shirt and LOVE what's written.

You have to take a picture of you wearing it, while working ON your blog.

It truly is priceless. ~grin~

Anonymous said...

That is SO cute! How fun!

Ellen K. said...

That's awesome.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Holy crap that's the pinkiest, most shoeiest shirt alive. And how cool of her to put your blog on the back!

Kiki said...

What an awesome shirt. When you become more internet famous, you should sell them. I'm sure i'd buy one!

Kat said...


I want one!

And the shirt is FAB. So you!

Kat said...

P.S.: I thought I had checked thoroughly to see if you'd done the meme, because I couldn't remember! Oh, well.

librarian pirate said...

YAY! I', so glad you love it!

emz said...

You can always judge a person by their shoes.