Saturday, March 18, 2006

Kiss Me, I'm Irish. No Really, I Am.

Last night was spent at a Welsh pub a few blocks from my apartment, Dressel's.

Despite the abundance of Welsh flags, stained glass red dragons, and signs all written in Welsh,

no one seemed to notice that it wasn't an Irish pub, and the place was filled with people dressed in green wearing flashing green beads and eating corned beef and cabbage.

Much Guinness, Irish whiskey, and Irish coffee was drunk. Even though the bartender scares me.

(I didn't want to get close enough to really take his picture.)

And it is the best pub in North America...

Because, really, would I go anywhere else?


kim said...

Ah I dig Dressels. It's kinda homey and nice.

Lena said...

You didn't have a choice really. Walking distance to get smashed? Bring it!

Virenda said...

Yeah it's all about being able to crawl, I mean WALK home after a bunch of drinks. I'm not down for the Irish Coffee, but I'll go drink for drink with a rum and coke. ~wink~

The Welsh bar sounds like fun. ~sigh~ I'll try to hold back my envy from rearing it's head. I um, went to bed early last night after yelling at my kids to SHUT-UP for the millionth time. It was fun. Yeah, tons.

Summer said...

Hmm...I'm Irish, too, and not one Irish pub in all of Springfield. I wound up in an English pub. How did we get stuck in a state with no Irish pubs? I will pray there is one near Akron for you. : )

Logan said...

Mmm, Welsh! <3

Being Irish is sexy. I'm like, a fourth Irish. Or an eighth. Fuck if I know, but I've got the red hair and passion for All Things Potato, so I don't think I'm lacking much else.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

A Wlsh pub dressed for St Patrick's Day? Oh, well!

Michele sent me this way.

Ellen K. said...

I love Dressel's, although the first-floor bartender (in your picture) is ornery. If you ask nicely and it's not too busy, the waiters will make you actual sweet tea (hot tea poured over sugar and ice, Southern-style). And the Welsh rarebit... MMMMMMM.