Friday, March 17, 2006

There Should Be Some Sort of Warning Before Arnold Comes on the Radio

I was driving to work, late, as ususal, cruising along at 70mph, listening to NPR, when a piece about Arnold Schwarzenegger comes on, and about how he's not as popular as he used to be. I'm kind of half listening and half deciding what I would do to the driver of the green mazda in front of me (yeah, the one that kept cutting me off) if I had him in CTU and I was Jack Bauer. But then I hear Arnold start to speak. And he says,
I did not come to Sacramento because I expect things to
be done easily. IfI want to do things more easily, I
would have stayed on the movie set, I would make my
$20 million, have my 40-foot trailer, with people
serving me day andnight and telling me that I am the
greatest. Ok? That's easy. Ok? That's on a movie set.

And I about crash because I'm laughing so hard.

You can listen to the piece here. Arnold starts talking about a minute in.


Lisa said...

ROFL. WTH? That's nuts.

Pookie said...

OMG that's too funny. Can some one please explain to me how he got elected??

doggerelblogger said...

My stepfather's best friends from childhood is OBSESSED with Arnold, and whenever he goes to LA to visit his son, they go to Schutzie's or whatever Arnold's bar is called - to try and catch a glimpse.

Pathetic and shudder-worthy, all at the same time, don't you think?

Liz said...

I must say, I have little doubt that I would have either had to pull over, or I'd have wrecked the car!

Jen said...

Between you and Liz above, I am totally going to get fired from work. You two crack me up!

v said...

That's our governator. When Gawd was making the states I think Gawd said, "Hey Cali, it's either weather or brains?"

You know you want to live here!

Virenda said...

God don't remind be about "OUR" Governor, it makes me sad and reminds me that CALI is stupid.

That is so embarrassing. ~sigh~

Don't judge me!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Just from the little paragraph you have in your post, one could throw up! Yes, that's our Governer! HELP!!

Here from Michele tonight!

doggerelblogger said...

Hey, old lady of the hills - haven't I seen you over at Ron's Big Happy Funhouse?

utenzi said...

As a left leaning Moderate, I know I'm supposed to disapprove of Schwarzenegger but I really don't. It's true that he makes some really odd comments and pinches a few too many women but I don't think he's dumb or bad or any of that. California did not have solvable problems and while the recall was a little silly, whoever took the reins of the state was just not going to succeed. My only problem with Arnold is that I suspect he actually thought he would be able to get the state out of the quagmire. Only in the movies, huh?

Michele sent me, Marcia. You pay attention to the road, okay?

craziequeen said...


I always said Swarz....switzen....
Schwartz....Arnold was an excellent comedian!

Wondering if the guy in the green mazda was listening too? :-)


TheIdleReceptionist said...

That's about on par with "I'm taking my ball and GOING HOME."

At least he's not Grey "I'm Neutered" Davis