Monday, April 17, 2006

An Intruder in Anti-Meme Land!

So, Kelly has tagged me with this meme, and well, I LOVE Kelly. (Did I mention that you ALL have to check out NelloDesign? Have you checked it yet? CHECK!) And it's not bad - it's just "Write 6 interesting things about yourself." I mean, isn't that really what I do every day? And hell, I didn't have anything else to blog about. So, here it goes:


1. Go write weird facts/things/etc. about yourself in my comment box and on your blog, then tag six more people!
2. Then leave a comment that says ‘You are tagged‚’ in their comments telling them to read your blog.

1) I actually think that wearing heels that are 4" or higher makes me have better posture. Anything less than 4, I'm too used to, and I slouch. But I throw on the super-highs, and Damn. Not only am I the four inches taller, I'm actually holding myself better. I'm getting close to 5'10"!!

2) I believe that flowers make every situation better. E.V.E.R.Y. situation. They make sitting at home watching TV better, and they make going to prom better. And I'm lucky enough to have married a man who realizes that I think this.

3) I have 6 pink purses. That I can think of. Which means I probably have at least 8. I also have 15 black skirts. And they are all different and necessary to my wardrobe. Seriously.

4) I can tell I'm Italian because I have an overwhelming urge to feed people at all times. If I'm going over to your house, I want to bring food. A lot of it. And I want you to eat it. All of it. While I watch.

5) Usually I get about a migraine a month. Which is a pain, but not bad. Lately it's been 3 a week. I've been clenching my teeth in my sleep and it's absolutely killing me. I'm trying to stop - but that's creating even more stress in my life, and making me clench my teeth more!

6) I haven't broken my Lenten shopping fast yet. I'm thinking of getting a Quinn bag - I've wanted one for months, but I haven't gotten it yet. I can't decide. The Marrakesh or the Rissani. And black and white or multi? What do you think?

And I always feel bad tagging people, because, hell, half the time I get tagged, I don't do it, but I feel badly about it (it's that Catholic guilt. It'll get you every time.). So don't feel obligated!! But if you're looking for blog material...

The Idle Receptionist

That's it! Now, seriously, tell me which bag to get. I hate making decisions!


Jen said...

I like the Rassani. Funky and fun. The perfect bag.

Tough call though girl. They are all adorable.

Angela said...

I love how the "Click to Enlarge" option reveals an image the Same Exact Size as the original image.

I would go for the Marrakesh, but I'm a nearly 36-year-old Stay at Home Mother who appreciates being reminded of Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

This means you should probably get Rassanified.

Anonymous said...

Yo yo yo...

1. I'm a nail nibbler. As in, I nibble on my nails but don't bite with enough pressure to break or soften them. Or even really transfer saliva.

2. I absolutely positively cannot stand the sound of someone smacking food. I've kicked my little brother out of my car for smacking while eating french fries. I warned him twice though.

3. I'm a compulsive computer clicker. I have to click the mouse constantly. Even though the sound annoys me. I'm a fidgeter.

4. If I hear someone laughing, and I'm not laughing with them, I automatically assume they are laughing at me. It's because I make fun of people all the time, and my family is really mean and makes fun of me all the time.

5. I mispronounce words all the time. I can define and spell like a mofo, but can't pronounce them. I use this website all the time. That's what happens when you spend 80% of your childhood buried in books.

6. I have to sleep with my feet hanging off the bottom of the bed.

anne said...

1. My favorite video game is "The Legend of Zelda." Once I start playing, I can't stop. Hubby & I have to schedule a whole day off to play because we get so into it. And we have to play together. We both get mad if one of us plays without the other.

2. I like to save wine bottle corks. Not exactly sure why, but I think they look cool sitting in a bowl. I think I saw someone else do it once and thought it was an interesting idea. Plus, if I ever need one, I know where I can find one.

3. I love to buy children's books. I am especially attracted to excellent illustrations. I just bought a sweet little sad book about a raccoon this weekend at a garage sale and almost cried reading it from looking at the pictures where he was crying. Pms may have had a bit to do with the crying part.

4. I am unable to kill spiders. I just stand there staring at them and yelling for hubby to get down there and squash it. This time of year is horrible for them. I did actually run upstairs to get him the other night because I couldn't do laundry for fear of the gigantic black hairy spider right next to the laundry machine who would likely eat my hand. Hubby wouldn't be able to hear me that far away. He had to finish the laundry.

5. I get migraines on Sundays. Almost guaranteed.

6. I haven't practiced my guitar in about a week. But I'm going to go do that right now. My fingertips hardly hurt anymore. I don't think that's a good sign.

v said...

I don't know too much about bags but what about a nice jansport?

And how about adding a dark blue shirt to the mix?

Summer said...

Rissani, love it!

And I love reading when you guys tag eachother with these things, you learn so much about everyone!

Anonymous said...
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jane said...

I like the Marrakesh in multi colors, it's such a cool purse!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to leave my advice...go with the multi. The black and white is too sterile. And for a purse purse, get the oval clutch. For a tote kind of purse, get the bigger one.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

A. Marrakesh Multi.

B. Here goes...

1. I hate when people talk during movies if there's a group watching. If it's just one or two of you and you have enough sense to only intergect comments during moments of no dialogue, then its ok. But there's a fine line, children. A FINE LINE.

2. If I could sustain myself for the rest of time on good sourdough (GOOD: only comes from SF, the optimal climate for such bread) and oil, and some angelhair in a nice tomato basil garlic sauce, I would.

3. I'm moving back to SF in a couple of months and I never knew that it was possible to be so excited and so scared at the same time.

4. If I see an elderly person walking down the street, I automatically assume they've escaped from a rest home.

5. I LOVE to swim, but I'm terrified of night swimming when a light is on in the pool because when you go underwater and open your eyes, the water magnifies the hum of the light and makes it look like it's two feet from your face and its super freaky.

6. I twirl a small section of my hair constantly. I never sucked my thumb as a kid and I think this was, like, my compensation or something. I can't stop!

SJ said...

The Marrakesh in multi. It's unique, and that's always good.

Think I'll steal this meme . . .

Pookie said...

Definitely the Marrakesh Multi. It's awesome.

e-liz said...

Rissani, and I can't decide b & w or multi. Hmm.

OK, now the meme

1. I'm fanatical about keeping my email inbox under 25 items.

2. I get bloody noses from my allergies and I hate it and it was disgusting.

3. I own more writing utensils then I could ever use in one lifetime.

4. I may or may not put this on my own blog. I just don't know yet. I'll think about it.

5. I have a 30 year magazine plan for me and my friends. (I really do: Glamour in our 20s, Cosmo in our 30s, Redbook in our 40s).

6. I could go to St. Louis Bread Company everyday and never get tired of it. (That's Panera bread for all you non St. Louisians & and they renamed us not the other way around).

goirishkj said...

Hmmmm, I'll have to think about 6 things that are interesting about myself...BUT definitely go with the multi. And personally, I kinda like the Rissani so that you can tote things in style (unless you have a really cool briefcase type bag already)

Kelly said...

I love your explanation of the flower thing. I always wondered how you got a husband who got you flowers all the time. Now I know and I now I can steal your explanation and rope my husband into doing the same thing for me!!!

Thanks for playing!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Oh. My. God! The Marrakesh!!! In the multi color!!!

Virenda said...

I say go for the Rissani in multi, although black and white always makes me happy.