Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I May Have Had This Conversation Today

Me: I'm being so nice. I'm like Jesus, really.

Him: Um, should you be this close to me? Because I don't want my hair to get singed when God smites you.


Anonymous said...

That's funny Marcia. I like that.

v said...

Hah. From now on I will call you the Marsus.

I bet God had a nice chuckle too.

Sponge Girl said...

Oooh, blasphemous! You might want to be careful, though - God can give you blisters. And herpes.

No, wait, scratch that. I meant Paris Hilton can give you herpes.

So blaspheme away, friend, blaspheme away.

Kat said...

You guys are so great.

And Sponge Girl just cracked me up.

Liz said...

Sponge really did say it best.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Paris Hilton has herpes.

And her herpes are infested with crabs.

And her crabs are carrying a nasty case of Chlamydia.

And her Chlamydia is teeming with The Syph.


Anonymous said...

Four year old girl, Jenelle to classmate Alex: Jesus is looking down on you and he is frowning.
Alex: Nu-uh.
Jenelle: Yes, he is. And he's not frowning at me because he died for my sins. He's frowning at you a LOT.

gotta love the tykes and their understanding of religion :)