Monday, April 03, 2006

Lights! Power! Blogging!

It's just past midnight, and the power has just come on. I wouldn't even be posting now, but I was almost asleep, and the hum of electricity filling the apartment building after an 8 hour power outage woke me up.

For some reason I was unable to go back to sleep after turning off all the lights that were on in the apartment - the internet and the email were calling to me. But I'm not going to stay up and write the whole "Best of the Week" post that I'd planned, as, well, it just seems extraneous now that the new week has already started (a whole 18 minutes ago!). And I'm only going to tell you one little story from the power outage:

At dinner (as we couldn't eat at home, you know, the whole "no power" thing), a lot of people were enjoying the chicken dinner special. The all you can eat chicken dinner special. And a table of three men, men who looked, in a redneck kind of way, like you wouldn't want to mess with them, were really enjoying the all you can eat aspect of this special. Until the management cut them off becuase they were afraid that they were going to run out of chicken.

And then they got a little mad at their waiter. And the waiter explained that "man, you guys are packing away way more than anyone else," which, frankly, I didn't think was a very good explanation, but I wasn't going to stand up for the rednecks.

Fortunately, things didn't really escalate. And we left soon thereafter. But I thought it was damn funny.

Also, I didn't get to see Sopranos or Big Love, so if any of you tell me what happens on either of them, I'll be pissed. Because if HBO is good for anything, it's for playing things over and over and over again. I'll see them soon enough.

PS2 - I took fun pictures of candles and the city after the rain. If they're any good, I'll post them later.


Kiki said...

rednecks at an all you can eat chicken dinner = scary. Good thing it wasn't all you can eat steak!

e-liz said...

How much chicken did those guys eat? goodness.

Liz said...

seriously, how mych chicken are you pounding down in order to be cut off at an all-you-can-eat dinner? I mean I understand getting cut off at an open bar, because you become intoxicated at a certain point, but last time I checked there was no such thing as chicken-induced drunkenness... That's a lot of chicken!

TheIdleReceptionist said...

They should have all-you-can-eat turkey buffets so people will fall asleep before the third helping.

PS Has anyone had trouble with the Gmail servers lately. Boo!

Kat said...

Oh my God your blogroll is HUGE.

v said...

What a way to make healthy chicken ... unhealthy.

Post the rainy city pictures! It's raining over here too.

Lena said...

Okay the "chickenneck" story was funny, but your comment about HBO is dead on!

I watched both - they're worth the wait. ;)'re apparently dirty ex-roommate said...

Kat should substitute "blogroll" for some other words when talking to men...=)

Jane...YOUR apparently dirty ex roommate said...

and Jane doesn't know english