Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sometimes, for Dinner, My Grandmother Orders a Piece of Pie and a Piece of Cake. This Has Nothing To Do With the Following Post, Except: Pie!

So I made 2 key lime pies tonight. I have a pot luck dinner tomorrow, and I chose to bring dessert.

Sidenote: I seem to make desserts seasonally. This winter, I made two layer shortbread brownie things that are amazing, and I made them often. This spring, I'm making key lime pies with homemade graham cracker crusts like crazy. Because they're darn refreshing and as easy as... pie. Last summer, I made fresh berry crisps about once a week. I'm actually planning on doing that again this summer, because, well, I like them. I can't believe any of you are still reading this.

Back to the main story. So I pull the pies out of the oven and sit back down at the computer to get cracking on my resume (I have to have a job! In Akron! For August!) and my brother IMs me:

Michael: How are you doing?
Marcia: busy crazy
Michael: Anything fun?
Marcia: um, pot luck tomorrow
Marcia: I made key lime pie
Michael: that sounds good
Marcia: it's easy
Marcia: even YOU could make it
Michael: It isn't that I can't cook
Michael: it is that I don't enjoy it
Marcia: but this is so easy it's like you're not even cooking
Marcia: and making pies attracts the ladies
Michael: does it require clean up?
Marcia: um, not if you use disposable everyhting
Michael: Making pies attracts me
Michael: And I don't see how it attracts women
Michael: I make a pie and I have 2500 calories sitting in my living room that needs to be eaten
Michael: no women involved
Marcia: true
Michael: Do I put out a sign "made pie, need date!"
Michael: seems desperate

Um. How hysterical is my brother?


JH said...

Hilarious! I think it's an excellent idea. I've been wondering where all the good men are and all I needed was to put out a homemade pie.

Ryan Oakley said...

I remember reading somewhere that the scent that most attracted men was pumpkin pie. Speaking as a man, I think that is very true.

Stephanie Davies said...

Personally, my husband is attracted to chocolate pies...if you payed attention to the 80s band Warrant you would think men would be thinking "Cherry Pie" lmao That was a funny convo though...

As a woman, personally speaking, pies do not especially attract me, no. However...a man who MAKES me a pie is very attractive...you can pass that along to your brother :D

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Haha! Cute!

*kidnaps JH's avatar-dog whilst everyone is distracted eating key lime*

TheIdleReceptionist said...

PS Love the banner!

goirishkj said...

If I wasn't already married and a man made a pie for me, I'd probably kidnap him and drag him to the nearest courthouse. But that's just me and my insane cravings for baked goods...

Liz said...

Umm... I'll date your brother... and he doesn't HAVE to make pie... though it would be kinda hot if he did!

Anonymous said...

Did I ever mention key lime pie is my favorite? You should mail me one.

Anonymous said...

Tell your funny brother...

Things that attract women:
1.Clean bathrooms
2.Clean sheets
3.Pie making skills

Kung fu skills are optional

doggerelblogger said...

I love reading about food.


I saw some fresh key limes at the grocery store the other day...

v said...

I like your Grandma's style.

And tell your brother the way to a woman's heart is through the man's stomach and into his back pocket where his wallet is.


Pookie said...

Ummm I would go for a guy if he made me a pie...what's that say about me! :)

Please post your key lime pie recipe!

blog Portland said...

If the guy does all of the cooking, why would he need to get involved with a woman?