Monday, May 29, 2006

And Now, A Post For All To Enjoy:

I bought Bling for Things yesterday. How could I not? I was in Michael's (The craft store, for those of you living under a rock... or in places without the Michael's chain. Or people who don't like crafts. But. What kind of person doesn't like crafts?), and I was waylaid by a display of Cheap Glittery Goodness. I wish I'd taken a picture of the massive amount to kinds of Bling for Things (I just can't stop saying that!) that they had. But I didn't. So you only get to see the one that I bought. For $3. Sorry.

Bling for Things

And do you see? The Pink Shoe?

I did this:

Bling Remnants

And I tried to cover up the scratches on my two year old phone thusly:

Pink Shoe Phone!

Now, even though my phone is old and lame, it's bling-ly fantastic, and I'm going to show it off to everyone.

And now, three little notes:

1) I posted twice today. You should scroll down.

2) I've been messing around with my sidebar. Did you see? Dropdown Boxes. For both my archives and for all of the infamous Facts About... posts. Now, in case you wanted to know what my thoughts about, say, Baby Octopuses are, you can easily click and find it!

3) I'm going to a concert tomorrow night - Dave Matthews. I'm not sure how late I'll be, how tired I'll be, or if I'll blog tomorrow. The only thing that's really certain is that I'll take a lot of pictures at the concert. Fuzzy pictures of Dave and funny pictures of drunken assy frat boys.


Anonymous said...

I like the phone Marcia. Very nice.

Sarah said...


Logan said...

I love the idea for the phone -- WAY innovative, kiddo.

And the dropdown menus are a nice touch. (That tapir post won't write itself, by the way -- get crackin'.)


jane said...

Your phone looks really cute. I want to do the drop-down thing on my blog too, but don't know how.

shpprgrl said...

Your phone is now a one of a kind! And you are a techy girl too!

v said...

That's blingtastic!

The Phoenix said...

The bling for the phone is so girly girl. It's cute.

Have a great time at Dave Matthews. I wish I was going.

Kelly said...

I like.
A lot.
And I'm off.
To Michaels.
So I can bling out anything that will hold a stick on rhinestone.

Spill The Beans said...

I'm so jealous. I LOOOOOVE me some DMB. I think Dave Matthews understands the female psyche better than any other musician. It's like his songs are written to make women horny.

iz said...

omigod ur phone is so cute!! i love ittt!! i wannit toooo!! :D

bobealia said...

Micheal's is overpriced, but I LURVE it anyway. I get lost in the yarn section. The sticker section is to die for....

Amber said...

Love the bling! I did that to my phone a while back...then all the little stones kept falling off because I shove my phone in my jam packed purse so I had to sit there and scrap off all the pieces that were left....and for some reason....I feel like getting another kit and doing it

blog Portland said...

Coincidentally, I have a set of blings and things that I wear on my nipples.