Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pictures, Toes, and Dave Matthews

The concert was fun. I wasn't allowed to take my camera in, but I did take some pictures before and after the concert.

First, though, on Monday, I got my first pedicure of the summer. "Passion for NY Fashion" pink. I was debating between several shades, and frankly, once I saw the name of this one, there was no turning back.


Then, yesterday, at dinner before the concert, I saw the world's most futile ad:

futile ad

If there ever was a state that had real, ingrained, intense beer passion, it's Missouri. And it's not for Miller. It's for Bud. An unofficial slogan for Missouri could be God, Mullets, and Budweiser.

On the long, traffic jammed drive to concert parking, I discovered that there are subliminal messages in DMB songs:

Dave Fans Like Yellow SUVs

Apparently, the messages tell people to buy yellow Nissan Pathfinders. Because I've never seen two in one place that wasn't a car dealership.

BUT. In the parking lot, people were discarding the liquor that they could not take into the concert:

Discarded Premium Liquor

Because "Country Club" Vodka is super premium. "Specially Selected." "Almost Better Than Rubbing Alcohol."

I'm guessing that last one, because, um, I wouldn't touch the stuff with a body part not covered in Latex.

(I almost want to tell a story right now about my cousin's aunt who um, brought vodka with her to tailgate with before football games. Vodka to make Bloody Marys with. What brand did my aunt choose? OSCO Vodka. Seriously, does Walmart make vodka? Because. They would be of similar quality.)

At this point Matt and I go to the concert, the concert of no-picture-taking, because I was told ot leave my camera in the car. By a sercurity guard that claimed to be female, but I think she was female like the East German swimmers at the Olympics were female. I enter the concert and dance like a crazy fool for 3 hours. Then, after the encore, Matt and I rush out of there (it was like a game. We were racing a bunch of people and they didn't even know that they were racing and they were losing. Everytime we passed someone, we'd secretly cheer.) and we get back in the car. It was 11:15. We pull into the line of cars facing east that's trying to get out. And sit there. For more than a half hour. Seriously, we turned off the car. Because we couldn't move, they couldn't move, no one could move. Eventually, close to 12, we saw an opening, turned the car back on, turned the car completely around, and managed to get out of there.

And we got to follow this car out:


Yeah, I think that car has been to more than one Dave concert. And will probably be to many more.

Also, The tempature in Missouri is reaching that of hellfire. Sometimes I find this appropriate.


Airhead said...

Sounds like a fun night!

So I should bring short sleeves and cute sundresses, yes?

Lindsay said...

It's even hotter down south. I am going to do a documentary on kids with mullets. I had a kid come in to my office with a fantastic mullet..... long and soft. You know how it goes, business in the front, party in the back.

e-liz said...

Oh you are going to miss Missouri when you are in Akron. Hahahaha.

Kiki said...

I know I've had Osco Vodka. Back when I was a freshman and had never tasted the wonders of alcohol. I remember Osco Vodka and Papov Vodka! Yuck! Now it's only Stoli or Ketel One for me. How times have changed.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Cute toesies!

Glad you had fun dancing and racing at el concert. ;o)

Vaguely Urban said...

That EVRYDAY guy drives around thinking he's flashing his DMB pride, but really, no one would know it had anything to do with Dave Matthews unless you saw the car at the concert. Lucky you, you cracked the code!

p.s. Aren't they so amazing in concert?

Ellen K. said...

UMB Bank Pavilion is akin to hell on earth... as in, it's nearly as hard to get home after a show as it is to get out of hell. That parking lot has reduced me to drunken/exhausted tears on more than one occasion.

Love the nail polish name! OPI?

blog Portland said...

How do you find the time?

Oh, and I see you kicked me off of your links... I guessed I deserved it.

jane said...

Oh, I remember those German swimmers all too well. They were certainly manly men!

Secret races are a blast!

doggerelblogger said...

STL seems very green - and I want some of that bling in your last post for MY scratched up old cellphone.

And also? I really hate feet, but yours are just not hatable. Seriously.

v said...

So no DMB pics? Oh well, glad you two had a swell time.

liz said...

I've been to a few DMB concerts, but didn't make it to the one this year. I went two years ago. I also saw Dave in Chicago at Soldier Field. Awesome. Good times.

Jen said...

I wish I could be there to watch you take pictures of empty alcohol bottles on the ground. Classic.

bobealia said...

Funny post. I've never seen a Nissan Pathfinder. Ever. I mean a yellow one. I've also never been to the midwest.