Sunday, May 28, 2006

I Have Been BUSY And I Haven't Blogged, OK? If I Didn't Have a Life, Would You Really Read Me?

I actually did what I promised and got up and worked out this morning. And yes, it's as distressing to talk about as it is to do, so let's move on.

Matt and I had lunch down on the St. Louis Loop, and then we wandered around the shops there. I continued to wonder if I should buy this 1960's hot pink satin dress coat that I could wear over little black cocktail dresses at this cool new vintage store. But I haven't even tried it on.

Even though I'm scared to try on the pink coat, I managed to buy a WWUD? sign: What Would a Unicorn Do?

Um. And just FYI, Unicorns would:

Whinny & rear
Pose on a windy cliff
Frolic in a meadow
Chase a rainbow
Leap across a ravine
Impale evil things
Graze on honeysuckle
Race the wind
Nuzzle a newborn
Believe in miracles
Prance through a waterfall
Majestically gallop

After the magical WWUD? purchase, Matt and I went to the zoo. And, as everyone here at The Pink Shoe ought to know, I LOVE the zoo. I mean, I loved the zoo, a lot, but then I, um, got proposed to there, and things have never really been the same.


And, I love everything there. Except for the crowds of white trash people, the abundance of their tattoos, and, of course, the oppressive heat and humidity.

Then, before I even know it, I'm at a coffee house, and then I'm back in The Loop watching CSA: Confederate States of America, and amazingly funny, poignant, and un-political movie that's a fake documentary, in the Ken Burns style, of the history of slavery in America as if the Civil War had been won by the South. Complete with fake commercials of products. I seriously recommend this - as it's on limited release, it's not showing everywhere, but if it's in your town, please make an effort to go see it, it's so good.

Then, dinner at Sasha's Wine Bar. Which Matt says is his favorite bar in St. Louis, and I love. Seriously, the wine is stored all over the bar like this:

Sasha's Wine Bar

And then, we drank wine, ate crepes and Spanish cheese platters, and then we came home.

Did I mention how happy I am that they actually installed the AC in my apartment? Because it was in the high 90s today. Which is insanely hot.


craziequeen said...

[looks impressed]

you have a Life, sweetie?

Where can I get one? [looks in Yellow Pages for Lives R Us].


I want a Life!

Oh, and go try that pink coat on!


Kat said...

I want that unicorn sign.


Leisa said...

I NEED that WWUD sign. I must have it!

e-liz said...

You must bring that sign to work. I can see all sorts of practical uses.
Hmm, should I notify this author that he is an idiot? What would a unicorn do? Frolic in a meadow.
Problem solved!

Anonymous said...

[sigh] I want YOUR life. It looks like fun. Can I pretend for a week while I'm not in meetings of death and travel?

doggerelblogger said...

Yeah - just buy the pink coat, it sounds perfect! You will regret it forever if you don't!

And I was obsessed with unicorns. O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D

Did I spell that right?

TheIdleReceptionist said...

I want a WWUD!

And you should get the coat. My friends mom brought me back a silk robe cum fake kimono from Hong Kong once and I really want to wear it as some sort of SJP over a little black dress type thing.