Thursday, May 11, 2006

The One With All the Pictures:

The good news is, Internet, that even though I just downloaded 137 pictures from my camera (That's 1 week's worth. What did I tell you about my alcohol consumption being directly proportional to my picture taking?), and of those 137, you only get the good ones.

Saturday: I ran across a copy of Time showcasing the 100 most influential people. This gave me a fabulous idea, and I spent the next half hour flipping through the pages and informing my friends which of the people had actually been influential on my life. If you ever wanted to know me in real life, I think I just squashed that. Anyway, Crazy Tom Cruise wrote the mini-article on J.J. Abrams, and I took a picture of the article so everyone could read how insane he sounds. Aren't you happy?


(if you click on it, it'll get big and you can read it...)

Sunday: We headed to the park. I actually got a little sun! I'm not longer a pale shadow of myself. People don't laugh when I mention I'm Italian if my skin actually has color. So, as promised, my Pink Parisian Purse:


Me being artistic with with Irises growing in the lake. I really liked this picture, and I'm always excited when the pictures I take of flowers turn out. So you have to look at it:


My new pink shoes (yes, they're trainers):

Hated Pink Shoes

Monday: Dinner at the JargonScouts:

There should be someone wearing pink pearls at every party I attend. Also, how fierce is this clavicle?

Pink Pearls

This is the winning Unicorn drawing from Cranium. I think it ROCKS. My friend drew it with his eyes closed, and um, I love unicorns.


Also, I love this little dog, Bamo. Did you know that he even rings a bell when he wants to go out? He's genius and I love him.

Marcia and Bamo!

Wednesday: I had a fun cocktail party. I should throw more of them. They actually make my house cleaner.

I don't know why, but I cleaned the silver. Doesn't it look damn good?


And, Matt showed off some of my paintings. Here's the blue one - I think it reminds me of flamingo legs in front of an ocean.

Blue and Pink

This one's my favorite. It's frost on a window. Doesn't it look cool? I really love it. And no, it's not a cross.

It's Not a Cross, I Swear

Anyway. There was alcohol. Included a LOT of red wine. A LOT.


And um, my friends are gorgeous. Check out just two examples:

My Friends are Gorgeous

Fab Skirt and Shoes!

And tomorrow I'm heading to Indy for the wedding of a friend. I have new shoes. And a fab red dress. I may take another 137 pictures. Which I'll force you to look at.


Liz said...

Ok, the pictures rock... especially the unicorns, the dog, and the pink pearls.

Looks like you kids had fun at the party!

(And I really like your paintings!)

Summer said...

Ohh, I love all of the pictures. You're so faithful about posting them. Much better than I am about it.

The coffee set looks so nice & shiny! I love silver. (For some reason, it reminds me of romance.)

Your friends earring are fab!

Ellen K. said...

Have fun at the wedding! Your pictures are great. I don't know anyone else who owns a silver coffee service.

K said...

Lovely pics. What's your camera?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Oh my gosh oh my gosh.

Can you believe that JJ has a wife named Katie?

goirishkj said...

Absolutely love the pink pearls--I always think it is so much fun to take something pretty traditional (like pearls) and put a twist on them (like dying them pink!) Have fun at the wedding! :) And red dresses are soooooo much fun :)

(Oh and I'll send you an email later this afternoon answering your question)

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Wow, fun night! What did the final hors d'ouvres end up being?

1. I love your flamingo painting!!

2. I must train Wilson to ring a bell.

3. J.J. Abrams rules my face. Why did they let Tome Cruise interveiw him? I'm off to read it! Have Le Fab Weekende...

TheIdleReceptionist said...

DAMN! I knew there was something I was forgetting...

"Holy pink pearls, Batman! I ruv it!"

TheIdleReceptionist said...

UM. ALSO, "Holy thesaurus, BATMAN, Tom Cruise wishes he was a wordsmith!!"

Melissa said...

Those are awesome! LOL

Jsto said...

My life has been so much better overall since you started a blog!

kim said...

I just about fell over laughing at the Tom Cruise article.

I love that purse! And the artwork is lovely!

anne said...

Yes those pink pearls are amazing! Ditto the sweet pink capris. Must get me some of those.

And I highly doubt Tom actually wrote the article. Granted, that's how he talks, but I'm pretty skeptical. But yeah, JJ rocks for sure.

Excellent pics!! Thanks for sharing them all! :)

v said...

Okay, Tom Cruise is insane. What a nut job. And the "Double J" was like the third director attached to MI3. That article was hilarious, thanks for posting it.

What a great looking dog. What kind of dog is that? A lab? I'm not good with dog species.

Marvelous paintings!

Jen said...

Hey Marcia,

I am going to begin blogging at a new location, same layout.

It is:

Hope you come by and thanks for your support!

jane said...

Dang girl, you not only have fantastic fashion taste, but take really good pictures too. Click away!

lisa said...

Is there any wine left?

Just a warning, don't head to Lam(b) today, there is a Cher survey up. But no picture of that dress you hated last time.

But it is for a good cause, so you have to take the good with the bad.

blog Portland said...

It seems that you and your friends have at least one thing in common. The complete absence of a face and upper body.

Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures from a most excellent week. I would like to emphasize that we made it through *5* wine bottles for *6* people that night of cranium madness.

Who was the weakest link?

Team Slore: 1
Team "Upstanding": 0

Pass the "bun", I want another spring roll.

craziequeen said...

Wow - hectic life, sweetie - and GORGEOUS handbag!!



Lena said...

Okay, I'm so visually aroused right now Marcia.

I'm totally loving the earrings, the dark pink pearls (the ONLY color pearls should be worn in), and the linen skirt with the fab shoes.

Being a pale Italian myself, I brown like a mofo, and I liiiike it. Otherwise, I have light blue skin. So not kidding.

Last but not least, I want to BURY my face in that dog's belly. Is that weird?

Kat said...

Marcia, I met Jules last night! We were at the same party and she recognized me from my blog!

s'mee said...

I lost your blog in a nasty computer debacle, but the good folks out there helped get me back to you! THANKS!

That said, I absolutely love the pink pearls and the silver set is freaking amazing! You live a life that is indeed fun to read about.

Tom Cruise. I am at a loss of words here. I don't know how to respond to that at all. That guy has so got to leave.

doggerelblogger said...

Such fun - I love getting dressed up, having cocktails and I love polished silver (though mine languishes in a drawer, wrapped in plastic - sorry, Grandma).

I had no idea you were an artist - that's good. The Doggerel family likes the arts.

Goodbye Mes Amis said...

Love your pics. Please submit your mistakes to my other blog, by sending them to
Your friends are gorgeous, as is your shiny silver. I have similar family silver that is currently black and packed in my mom's basement.

Zee said...

LOVE the Irises!!