Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Story Hour at the Pink Shoe

About a month ago, my mother called me.

"Marcia! I'm at the airport dropping off your brother, and we had such a great visit. But you'll never guess what happened!! I just saw your friend Katie 'The Crow' at the airport!"

"That's great mom -"

"It's so exciting. You'll never believe this. She's home for a month because she's having back surgery..."

"MOM. Mom. STOP. I haven't seen Katie in twenty years."

"....she's graduating from graduate school. Her undergrad degree is in English and her graduate degree will be in..."

"Seriously, Mom, twenty years."

"... social work, and she wants to help poor children...."

"Mom, I've got to go."

" soon as her back heals. You have to go? Well, I'll tell Katie 'The Crow' that you're wishing her well! Bye!!"

And I hang up the phone. Matt, who overheard my half of the conversation immediately confronts me. "Mar, you need to be more exact with your words. You haven't seen her in 20 years? You're only 25. That's just unreasonable."

"No, honey. Katie and I went to preschool together and then she went to public school and I did not. I haven't laid eyes on her since I was 4. It's really been 21 years."



"Oh... Wow. That's kind of insane."



Liz said...

I had a similar experience.

Only I ran into the twins that I went to kindergarten with, and while sitting and having a lovely dinner with my mom, I recognized them... And then spent the remainder of the time that my dinner was supposed to be warm was instead spent "catching up" on the last 17 years with 2 people I didn't really care about.


Logan said...

It's times like these that I'm glad my parents and extended family all share the same common forgetfulness that I too have.

e-liz said...

I love, Matt, the lawyer's comment that you need to be more exact with your words.

Melissa said...

LOL Moms are so freaky sometimes.

Dustin said...

i wonder if we have the same mothers cuz that sounds eerily familiar.

....i actually cancelled my home phone cuz of calls like this. Problem is, I'm always picking up my cell phone.


i can never win

Kat in da Hat said...

Um, how did a 4 year old earn the nickname "The Crow"?

librarian pirate said...

Can I just parrot what Dustin said? That soooo sounds like what *my* mother would do!

Jen said...

Sometimes my mother calls and I can actually set down the phone and pick it up sporatically saying yeah. She never knows.

Yesterday, she called and told me about grocery shopping. yes, grocery shopping.

Kills me sometimes, but I gotta love her.

HelpMeBubba said...

Hi Marcia!!! Your mom sounds like mine!! She can go on and on and on and on and on about nothing! It's truly amazing. Kelly and I are always making fun of her.

diane s said...

my mum would have remembered her birthday too... :)