Sunday, June 04, 2006

Facts About JELLYFISH:

Photo Taken by The Idle Receptionist
And thanks for the suggestion!

1. Most people would talk first about the fact that Jellyfish have no brains, no eyes, no hearts, no bones, and an incomplete digestive system. I, however, will not mention this at all.

2. People who have nothing better to care about like to go on and on about how we shouldn't call Jellyfish "fish", as they're not fish at all. Some people prefer to call them just "jellies", which makes me think about spreading them on toast. Which, when I think about it, ew. Jellyfish Jelly? Gross. But follow that link, the photos on that page are amazing. I'm putting one of them on my background.

3. Markus has given us his own facts about box jellyfish. 8 months ago. I'm a little slow getting on the Jellyfish train.

4. If you get stung by a Jellyfish, people will tell you to bathe the sting in urine. Don't do this, the urine does not help, and it can actually activate the poisons more. Random men who run up to Jellyfish sting victims and ask to pee on them are not good Samaritans, they are, in fact, perverts.

5. When Jellyfish are dead on the beach, they dry out and looks as much like live Jellyfish as raisins look like grapes. This makes me sad.

6. I don't secretly love Jellyfish, but I am weirdly fascinated by them. In that "there's a weird blob of goo floating in the ocean, and it's pretty, but dude, it's goo" sort of way.


kim said...

They're so creepy cool looking.

I love your "facts about" posts!

Logan said...

Know what a jellyfish isn't?

A tapir.

bobealia said...

Jellyfish scare the beeegeesus out of me. I run away when I see one in the water. I run.

Lena said...

My four year old just read her first blog!

She is obsessed with jellyfish (anyone familiar with Spongebob?), so I had her look at your pic and read your post to her.

Thanks Marcia! I think this passes for our lesson today and I can get back to blogging. ;p

Kelly said...

First. I think it is AWESOME that Lena's daughter read your blog. How internet famous are you now??? You totally have the next generation lined up.
Second. Jellyfish hate me. I cannot tell you how bad the stings hurt. They come out of nowhere too. I always thought that they looked like plastic sandwich bags floating by me.
I was a stupid kid.

Liz said...

I was really hoping that you were going to address that myth about peeing on it making it better. I like your deft handling of it, because no matter the circumstances, you should always evaluate the perviness of someone offering to pee on you, and know that the pros really never outweigh the cons.

Some of you are reading this and thinking, "Well, if I were on fire, and someone were offering to pee on me, THEN the pros would outweigh the cons!" I say no. Because if you are engulfed in flames, it's highly unlikely that there will be enough pee to put you out, and if it's just a small fire, you should be able to beat it out, or run to an alternate source of non-flammable liquid on your own.

But then, maybe I've just over-thought this whole pervy peeing scenario.

Kat said...

I hate jellyfish. They are scary.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Well done, Lassie! I think you've given Jellyfish the recognition they've deserved over all these years of relative obscurity compared to the shark and the porpoise.

blog Portland said...

Out of all the times I've been peed on, I at least thought the jellyfish encounter was justified. Once again Marcia, you leave me crushed.

doggerelblogger said...

That is an amazing picture!

v said...

lol @ liz and blog portland.

I must say, I did not know that ... about the peeing not actually helping. I wonder how the peeing on a jellyfish sting actually started?

Anyway, I'm with the others ... jellies look kinda menacing. But as long as they leave me alone everything will be gravy.

You hear that jellies? I'm on to you.

Lovely post Marse.

Annie Drogynous said...

I'm interested in where you heard that peeing on jellyfish burns doesn't help because several doctor friends of mine say it does.

e-liz said...

Does no one remember the Friends episode when Monica gets stung by a jellyfish? And did no one follow the link Marcia graciously provided about the peeing on the sting?
Also, when I was in Vegas, the Mandalay Bay aquarium had the most awesome jellyfish tank.
I give this post 2 thumbs up.

Softball Slut said...

I was stung by a man o War. I hate them and the tentacle was 15 ft long. They hurt like a son o bitch. For reals.