Saturday, June 03, 2006

Last Night I Got the Best/Weirdest Compliment Ever: A Lawyer Told Me That My Skills at Taboo Showed That I'd Be Really Good In Front of a Jury.

It's too bad that I would rather never wear stilettos again than go to law school. Especially after watching Matt go through it.

But. To recap. I had a martini that was garnished with three little Swedish Fish. And I neglected to take a picture.

(Sidenote about Swedish Fish: In college, for some reason, at some point, my roommate and I started naming all our Swedish Fish before we ate them. And there were a lot of fish to name. And. This is the really hard part. They all had to have Swedish names. Well, it was hard for about 2 minutes, and then we named them all Sven, Ole, or Lena. And then we ate them ALL.)

There was also food.

Then, there was wine and Taboo, which is where that whole lawyer/compliment thing came in.

AND. Tonight I get to go out with Lynn, who I haven't seen since I graduated from college. She's promised to do some sternum baring with me, and I promise there will be drinking and pictures.


Lena said...

Swedish? Ja? Lena is Svedish?

Can you help me wit my rucksack?

goirishkj said...

Hey I hope you and Lynn had a good time and that you remember enough of your good time to blog about it! :)

Suburban Turmoil said...

Sternum baring? That's pretty risque! ;)

v said...

I want some Swedish Fish. Are they sweet like candy gummi bears or are they some weird swedish flavor?

'Cause if they're a weird flavor I no longer want them.


TheIdleReceptionist said...

You had me at Swedish fish garnished martinis.