Sunday, June 18, 2006

Time To Catch Up:

Hello Internet!

I've been neglecting you, I'm so sorry. I would say that it won't happen again, but that would be a huge lie.

So. Friday night Matt and I went to a late night dinner at Zoe, and Matt discovered a drink called the Green Dragon.

green dragon

I stayed with one of my favorite drinks: the espresso martini.

espresso martini

Also, the coconut macaroons for two? So good that I didn't even remember to take a picture of them. They are so good that I want to learn how to make them. Even though, for some inexplicable reason, buying shredded coconut makes me feel like white trash. Why does it make me feel like this? I have no idea.

Then yesterday, Matt and I had friends over for dinner. And whenever I have people over for dinner, I spend the entire day cleaning and cooking. Matt and I decided on a Cuban dinner, partly because I love a challenge and I've never made Cuban before, and partly because Yum... Mojitos.

On the menu was a mixed green salad with a homemade champagne vinegar dressing, Pork with a Mojo sauce, a cool and super easy corn salad, and chocolate mousse with creme fraiche and raspberries and blackberries for garnish.

I took a picture of my first step in making the mousse...

pre-mousse chocolate

And also the dinner table (using my favorite fun leather placemats and gorgeous flowers from my husband), and then I had a mojito and forgot to take any more pictures...

pre-dinner table

But trust me - it was a fabulous time. If you don't believe me, go and check out JargonScout's (way too complimentary) post about the dinner.

So, internet, what did you do this weekend?


talksmart said...

Hello..really curious of your site (and also the title) while searching blogfriends in blogger. Great job, though!

jargonscout said...

Hey you have some pictures of the cute placemats! What a terrific dinner. And you're right, those are the best highball glasses I've ever seen. We have to find some like those.

blog Portland said...

Am I just going crazy, or was that dinner completely free of Vodka? Although I will have to give you credit for picking up the slack with Rum.

mjg said...

I went to my favorite local bar where I know I will usually get hit on and have at least one drink purchased for me. I also saw Nacho Libre while buzzed on 2 strong screwdrivers (ha!) and a very tall chocolate layer cake shot. Then today, I never left the house and slept most of the day.

Thanks for asking how my weekend was Pink Shoe.

Love, Internet

Liz said...

Looks like you kids had fun!

And the food seems delightful!

Softball Slut said...

I did alot and I did nothing. Nothing Friday, shopped Saturday, went to a bar Saturday night for 2 birthdays, one of whom didnt show cause she went to strip bar instead, and Sunday went home to Daddy for the day and napped there. All day. Thanks for asking :)

Kelly said...

You are such the hostess.
When am I invited over for dinner???
What did I do this weekend?
Sat on my ass mostly.
But then realized that it was Fathers Day and had to get up to do something for Tyson.
Homemade french bread and meatballs anyone?
I outdid myself.

e-liz said...

I sent way too much money on skin care products. I am a sucker.

e-liz said...

that's "spent" not "sent."

Lena said...

That sounds like so much fun. You had me at mojitos and mousse. Mmmmmmmm.

I was really waiting for a Cuban pizza recipe though. ;)

Virenda said...

Your dinner sounds amazing but the mojitos are the best thing EVER. I actually went to a cool mexican resteraunt with hubby and family and downed a couple mojitos. I don't member what the food tasted like but the mojitos were perfect.