Friday, July 28, 2006

Crunch Time:

I've finally truly entered moving hell. Up until now, it's just really been complaining.

But. We pack the U-Haul on Sunday and drive it away on Monday, so all those boxes that I've been pretending to pack? Actually need to get packed today. And tomorrow.

But at least I've got my packing friend back with me. Packing is always more fun with a friend. And more productive - you're unable to really screw around when someone else is there working with you.

I don't know how much blogging I'll be able to do until after the first. The next time you hear from me, I might have changed the name of this thing to The Pink Shoe: The Akron Chronicles. Or maybe The Pink Shoe: A Year in Ohio. Or The Pink Shoe: We're Big Fans of Rubber. Or something else that you might suggest.

(And. I promise that when we get back, things will be more fun. The first weekend in August we're headed to Minnesota for a wedding, which will be a blast, all of our friends from college will be there, and I can take all sorts of crazy pictures of our drunken debauchery and post them to the internet. And then, when we get back to Akron, I can take pictures of my new town, and we can have "Fabulous or Ghetto-Fabulous?" contests.)


Angela said...

"We're Big Fans of Rubber"... Oh sweet Moses, I'm dying of laughter over here!

HelpMeBubba said...

Good luck with the move!

e-liz said...

Woo-hoo! I love Fabulous/Ghetto-Fabulous votes.
Can you believe we got 28 of our coworkers to vote on a purse?
HAHAHA! We are fabulous!

Liz said...

We're big fans of rubber... Should I invest in stock with the Trojan company?

Oh wait, that's "We're big fans of rubberS"

Anonymous said...

How about The Pink Shoe: What The Hell is a Buckeye? Or The Pink Shoe: The Gap Year? And can we PLEASE hear Amish stories? Particularly, why do they go to gas stations with their horse and buggy (yeah, I've seen it . . . )?

craziequeen said...

'The Pink Shoe: We're Big Fans of Rubber'




bobealia said...

How about, The Pink Shoe: Ghetto Fabulous in Akron?

Goodluck with everything.

Logan said...

Think of it this way : once you're in Ohio, you'll be closer to me. Yay!

Megan Dubenetzky said...

i hate moving....

lisa said...

Only a true pal will help you pack. And only the bestest bestest friends will help you move.

v said...

How's the moving going Marse? Hmm, that good, eh?

How's the 'Kron treating yas? Hmm, that good, eh?

How's the Hubster dealing with waiting for his Bar exam scores? Hmm, that good, eh?

Well we're all here for yas, and things will be great if they are not great already. Happy moving and housewarming and taking pictures of your 'hood --- which we all want to see.

Have a good one; talk to yas later.

Oh yeah, you rock Marse!