Sunday, July 23, 2006

Finally, Back to Normal

The power has been on for 3 hours and 8 minutes, and I've just started the dishwasher for the third time. (In defense of the fact that I'm not the worst, messiest housekeeper ever, I'd like you to know that A) this is my dishwasher, and it holds approximately nothing, but it makes me feel better because I know that the dishes come out clean as opposed to when I clean them myself and B) That when the power went out I had literally just finished loading the dishwasher. So NO, Matt and I did not create 3 full sized dishwasher loads in 4 days.)

When the crew that had been working on my power since at least 9am (That's when I physically saw them. But they probably got here earlier - I can't imagine that we were their second job of the day, and I think I heard their trucks roll up closer to 7:30/8am.) finally flipped the switch that turned on our power at 5:58 (2 hours earlier than they had thought they'd be done), people on my block gave them a standing ovation that lasted for 45 seconds. (And yes, the favorite activity of people on my block today was sitting around and watching the men work.)

Two things about what is going to be my favorite movie of the year: this article from Esquire by Chuck Klosterman, and this video that most of you have probably already seen.

When Matt is upset about the bar, or the power outage, or anything else, he'll just use the Samuel L. line that's quoted at the beginning of the video. I find it damn appropriate. (But, the first 10 seconds of the video are not safe for work unless you've got headphones. I don't know why I really said that, because um, hi! You shouldn't be playing videos at work without using headphones. Unless you're either the boss or a gigantic ass.)

Also, if I pack up the entire guest room tomorrow (after I drive Matt to the airport so he can go take the bar AND deal with the fact that his car has an unchangable flat tire), I get to go lay out at my friend Laura's pool. This is essential because I've got some monster tan lines I need to get under control. I can't move to Akron looking like a hoosier with big white lines heading around my neck!

PS? Go give some sympathy to my little sister. She ran into a shelf at work and gave her self a concussion and an almost broken nose.


Anonymous said...

Poor sister!

librarian pirate said...

ok, do you know how annoying this is? I accidentally logged myself out of Norton Anti-virus, so it automatically activated the parental controls ... so I can't see the video you linked to, I can't go to, I can't to go ebay ... WTF! And since we never set parental controls, I don't know the password to relog in ...

::sigh:: just wanted to rant.

bobealia said...

Yay! I can't watch the video but I am glad you've got power!

Lindsay said...

Now Marcia, you can go lay out at Laura's pool IF you do your packing....

Jon was lovely last night.

I loooove Gmail chat.

Later, boo!


and I am so thinking/sending positive vibes to Matt for Bar/Tire.

blog Portland said...

My Speed-o is made of a special material that lets the sun pass through -- no tan lines!

v said...

Is this Cobra Starship an actual group/band? Is this song related to the movie?

Man, I feel like an old dude ... you kids and your crazy muzak!

Anyway, when SoaP comes out we all need the Pink Shoe Review of it.

v said...

PS -- You da man Marse! You so called this Klosterman guy way back when and here's another terrific piece by him.

doggerelblogger said...

I'm sorry, but is that video for real? Is that what the young people of today think of as "cool"?

It sounds like A-Ha.