Sunday, July 23, 2006

Yay! I Took Crappy Pictures of Crazy Destruction With My Cell Phone and I Posted Them On the Internet!

Right now, as I'm sitting in the magic coffee house of power and internet access, there are men in my alley fixing this:

This Power Line is F'd

Also this:

This one, too

(Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. I still haven't gotten a new digital camera, but I did get a new cell phone. A cute Razor with a slightly shitty camera. Which I'm going to use the hell out of until I do get a new camera.)

There are 3 trucks, and they are digging, and replacing those two poles, and trying to untangle the wires, and doing many other things that frankly I don't understand.

But. I am so happy that I want to bake these men cookies. They say that hopefully the power will be up in my building by the end of the day.

This almost makes me sad: Going without power for 5 days is bad, but if I really wanted a story to tell my grandchildren one day, I should have been without for at least a week. Can't you just hear me, at age 75, saying, "You should be thankful for your working lights and cold food! In my day power was so unpredictable that we would often go for weeks without it!"

I'm not saying I'm going to be an honest grandmother, but I think I'll be entertaining.

I'm off now, to go watch the men dig holes and restring power lines. Because honestly, it's the most fun thing I can think to do right now.


Airhead said...

So you don't have power yet. That answers my question.

Ashley said...

Did you get a pink Razor?

Also thanks for the lovely text, wish I would lay out with my fav. BFF. HA!

Virenda said...

Hope it gets on and SOON! Baking cookies sounds good except for the whole, it must be FREAKING HOT thing. :)