Monday, July 17, 2006


Friday night, just as I was drifting off to sleep, Matt whispers to me, "Be ready to leave the house tomorrow afternoon at 3:30." I'm instantly awake. "What are we going to do?"

"Shhhh," he insists. "You'll find out tomorrow. When we get there."

Despite my protests, he does not tell me any more. I sleep, full of giddy anticipation. Frankly, I don't care what we're doing, I'm excited to finally spend time with my studying-obsessed husband. We could be going to a strip club for all I care, I just want to be with him.

So, Saturday, dressed in a ragged denim mini and a little t-shirt (also known as "clothes you don't want your boss to see you in"), Matt takes me for a drive. And so, I pester him, but I have no idea where we're going.

Until we pull up in front of a pretty suburban house that has pink balloons in the front. Pink Balloons. I start to get the vague idea that maybe, just maybe, this is not a romantic date with my husband, but a surprise party for me.

I head up to the front door, and MY ENTIRE OFFICE is there. With liquor. And delicious dip-things to be eaten with chips. And presents. And everyone was wearing paperclip necklaces. I felt loved.

And the "prefile" accordian folder that held my "to file" pile? Yeah, it was there. And it was turned into a pinata. Full of chocolate. That I got to beat with a hurling stick.


And in case you didn't get enough:


There was also grilling outside. And pirate jokes. And a long, interesting game of memory. Inwhich I kicked Matt's butt.

So yeah, that was a good day.

But Matt owes me a romantic date, don'tcha think?


Liz said...

Wait, we got hot pictures of you beating you accordion file to death, but we didn't get any of the food, liquor, pink balloons, or paper clip necklaces?

That's almost as bogus as your husband not having a little Marcia time!

Marcia said...

Lizzle - I wasn't in charge of taking pictures! My camera is le broken, so I had to beg pictures from my coworkers! I'll try to find more for you. Because I think you're snazzy. And you'll bug me if I don't.

Kelly said...

I agree with Liz.
We need more pictures!!!

Liz said...

Mars Bars, you are a smart woman... You know that a little flattery will buy you some time, and that if you come up empty handed, that I (and other members of your readership) will find it totally unacceptable and harrass you!

We're good at harrassment.

Ellen K. said...

I am LMAO at the pinata!

Logan said...

are fucking awesome.

J-Wat said...

You forgot to mention the water gun fights . . . at which time I (not meaning to) shot my water gun at your boss's wife in the chest and I didn't even know her.

We'll miss you!

Softball Slut said...

Looks like a blast!! Glad you had fun, and yes I think he still owes you a romantic evening.

Kiki said...

you're life is way more fun than mine! Let's switch for a week.

I'm glad that you had a good time.

v said...

Watergun fights?!?!? How could you leave out watergun fights? Hah, that's pretty hilarious though, I must admit.

Anyway, seems like yall had a blast at your party. Great post!

Hah, watergun fights ... still can't get over that. Too funny.

Summer said...

Agreeing that you need more pictures of the fun day.

Doesn't it feel nice to know you were so loved?!

bobealia said...

That sounds awesome and fun! I think your husband is Great! Also, he might owe you a little bit of couple time.
I love the pinata idea.

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

This sounds so sweet.

Good luck to Matt on the bar. I hated every minute of the studying and feel sorry for you both!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how fun!! I can already tell you that my going away party is going to be at generic English pub with generic English engraved goods, and I will do most of the planning. Guaranteed.

How's the for a morale booster?

Your party looked fun. Yay!

D e s i g n Girl said...

WOW! How incredibly awesome! I've always wanted a surprise party. Good for you!!!

Lena said...

YAY!!! What fun! Marcia - you are loved! It was ALL about the paperclip necklaces for me.

Also, YOU ARE SO PRETTY! I can just tell.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Um. That's the cutest thing EVER both on the part of your office AND your hubby!!

doggerelblogger said...

That's waaaaay better than a pony. Because you can EAT chocolate.

markus said...

you got some nice peeps in your life!