Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Four Things, and No, I Haven't Started Packing Yet.

A) I'm working way to hard for it to be my last week of work. This needs to stop. In fact, it might. Tomorrow.

B) Working hard hasn't stopped me from going to Starbucks EVERY DAY so far this week. On company time. And I wonder why I'm gaining weight. Is it the grande white chocolate mocha? But they're so creamy and delicious (and so 350 calories)!

C) It's HOT in St. Louis. As in, it's 10pm, and the heat index has finally fallen to 98.

I felt slightly better when I heard on NPR that my hometown, Grand Junction, CO, hit triple digits yesterday.

D) I went through all the pictures from the surprise party, and pulled out some closeups of the paperclip necklaces. For Lena, because I love her.

Check out Courtney:
court necklace

and Deanna:
deanna necklace

and Julie:
julie necklace

and me!
3 tiered marcia necklace


Lena said...

I think Julie is totally rocking it!

Those calories don't count if they're consumed through a green straw. Trust me: I KNOW about these things.

Liz said...

Mars, I've got two words for you!

Sexy, kinda.

blog Portland said...

I must be a true nerd when I start to find office supplies attractive.

jane said...

Everytime I eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream I experience the same guilt you're feeling, except I think it might be doubled.
Hey, those necklaces are pretty cool. I bet you could sell them on Ebay.
Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me.

Kelly said...

I like your clip necklace the best!

Summer said...

Ohh! They gave the best one to you. How nice. I really like the color of your hair, too.

bobealia said...

I think you and Julie got the best necklaces. So who was the kind soul who put all their time and effort into the jewelry making? Did everyone make their own?

Ellen K. said...

My last week at work, I couldn't stop working either. So I gave myself a goal: at noon on Wednesday, I was just going to start packing, and do nothing else (except take breaks to chat with friends). That's the only way to get it done!

Softball Slut said...

My mom lives by Grand Junction. I am sure they are melting in the heat. I dont know if they have an ac in thier house. THey didnt in their old one. Calories dont count as long as you at work cause you are working. get it?

TheIdleReceptionist said...

I love your sassy layered paperclip necklace!

Lindsay said...

Darling, ask them to add an extra pump of syrup and see how you like it. It's electrifying, in my opinon.

Your BFF Barista (and the queen of the 8-pump Venti nonfat White Mocha)

TSN said...

I hear the power is out in STL???? I hope you're keeping cool in the heat. And that you managed to find a way to watch Project Runway tonight.