Wednesday, August 02, 2006

HI! I've Missed You. But I'm Going Away Again. Sorry. I'lll Be Back Sunday.

So, I'm not sure if any of you are aware of this, but you should be: it's a fact, Princesses are not supposed to be involved in the heavy lifting part of moving.

And, as you all know well, I am a princess.

This was not, however, strictly adhered to yesterday.

Although I had Matt, who's in great shape, and his sister and her boyfriend drove up to help us, there was still a significant amount of lifting for me to do. Especially since our apartment is on the third floor of a townhouse-like building that has no elevator.

Therefore I did the only thing I could do: I spent as much time as possible upstairs in the air conditioning, organizing things. And amazingly, this was actually helpful. So I was encouraged to keep doing it.

And the apartment? It's darn cute. And in a little wooded, suburban area. And I don't hate it. And our furniture a) all fits and b) looks cute. Also. I know how to get to EVERYTHING that I could possibly want to get to. After less than 48 hours. I know, I know, I'm amazing. And Akron is small. So I'm not that amazing.(See? All my complaining worked. I got all my hate for Akron out before I moved here, and so now all I can be is mildly annoyed at it.

Matt and I are going to a wedding in Minnesota (and I'll get to see Brian while I'm there!) (And for those of you that don't know, Brian was my first ever boyfriend in college, and he's now directed a movie called Swerve. You can find out all about it on his blog and on the Swerve website. There's even a trailer up... He's so going to be famous.)

And when we come back on Sunday? I'll have internet at my apartment. So I'll actually start to post regularly again. And maybe even make up a new header for this darn thing. Because... wow. This one's been around for... 4 months? I'm so boring.


bobealia said...

Loved the letter below.
Glad you are happy with your new place.
I moved in like three months ago and I still don't know my way around.
Happy Wedding.

HelpMeBubba said...

I HATE moving!! I tell Bubba if we ever move again, we're hiring someone to do it. Glad you got there in one piece.

travellingPeg said...

Absurdly random thought:

At least your princess-self moved to a state in the shape of a heart. If that's not a state made for a princess, I don't know what is.

Logan said...

I happen to LIKE your header (yeah, BITCH! Take that!) and wouldn't mind seeing it around for a lot longer. But if you HAVE to change it... okay.

I'll deal. ;)

SarahReznor said...

this part is the fun part of moving - everything else is juat so stressfull! enjoy your new place!

Virenda said...

Congrats on the cute apartment and the face that your furniture fits because yeah, that didn't work so well with me. :0)

Well, have a nice time at the wedding and as you know, we all look forward to you having Internet.

Ps. Your banner is STILL cute.

John said...

You moved?

ThyCountess said...

Farewell and Bonsoir to my St Louis fren...have a happy time packing and unpacking...
I hate moving too...

Lena said...

Hi! and Bye!

See you Sunday!

*eyes narrowing and finger pointing*


Kelly said...

You don't know me, but I'm a St. Louiser and a huge fan of the blog :) Here's a haiku I just fashioned:

Moving- what a stupid bitch.
But good times ahead....
Akron- Rubbery glory!

Angela said...

Ugh... I'm facing the possibility of moving in a few months and I'm dreading it with every fiber of my being. You never realize how much CRAP you have that you can never part with until you move.

Jen said...

Good luck on the big move love! Can't wait for some future posts.

v said...

lol @ Kelly's Haiku --- perhaps the Pink Shoe Haiku is in your future Kelly

Hey Marse, umm, you know you're liking the AK-Rowdy now. And I'm sure the AK-Rowdy is very hospitable to royalty.

Have fun at your wedding --- oh wait that must've already happened. Well I hope you had fun.

Now, umm, where are all the pictures?

Hah, seriously Marse, hope you're having a good one. Take care.