Thursday, August 24, 2006

Runways, Beer, Stick Shifts, and Old Men.

The best thing about today? I didn't think about what day it is, and Matt's cousin came down from Cleveland for dinner, and I missed Project Runway.

And TiVo recorded it for me.

Because TiVo loves me. And because I told TiVo to record all first-run episodes of Project Runway. But mostly because TiVo loves me.

(OK, confession time. It's not TiVo. It's Time Warner DVR. But everyone knows what TiVo means, and DVR is less ubiquitous, and so I just use TiVo. I'm a slave to good marketing campaigns. Do you forgive me?)

So, last night, I drove the STICK from my house to Rita's. And I did really really well. Didn't stall once, and most of my shifts were smooth as silk. I said most, not all! And I had a Strawberry Ice. But I made Matt drive home. And all that's well and good, but today I didn't feel confident to drive the stick, which I've only drove probably 4 times, 3 of which are almost half a decade ago, to the center of town, with all sorts of traffic, on a route onwhich I'd almost assuridly have to stop in the middle of a hill, at which point I'm scared I'd stall and get honked at, and start crying. And the police would come, and then I'd get arrested for the great crime of "Stalling on the corner of Revere and Market, holding up traffic for 2 minutes."

Which, let me tell you, I'm sure is a capital crime in Akron.

So I stayed at home. You would too, when faced with the almost certain death that I described above. But the plan is for me to take the stick shift out driving (with reasonable supervision, ie, my very nice, very patient, very aware of my neurosis husband) every night. Until I'm less of a scaredy pants.

But, the good news is, my 9 year old car needed new brakes and a new fuel injection sensor (Or something like that... I don't really pay attention when the mechanics talk. Especially when they're refered to me by big-wig public officials. And the mechanics know that.). Thankfully, though, none of those are things that can be blamed on me. All of that is old-car shit, not The-Pink-Shoe-Is-A-Bad-Driver shit. So, not an exorbitant amount of money later, I'm now with a car that drives better than it has in several years. I'm happy.

And tomorrow, instead of being trapped at my house (Unwilling to go to the pool, because yesterday I ran into a 70 year old man who asked me if I was a model. And dude, I'm just not in to grandfathers. And I didn't feel like dealing with him today. Because he did mention to me about 6 times that he came to the pool every day. And I'm not going to the pool the next day after I meet him. I want the run into him to be much less awkward than that. Still awkward, but much less.), I'm going to run errands. I've never been more excited to go to Target in my life. Because after living in this apartment for almost a month, I've figured out exactly what I need to finish my place, and it's this, with two of the little fabric drawers. Probably in pink. And I'm stupidly excited about them. Because two days without a car will do that to you.

The biggest news for the blog today is that I FINALLY ordered a new digital camera. I now I've been talking about it since I broke my camera almost a month ago, but I've done it. The fact that Matt and I both needed new cologne/perfume and had what we wanted for half off (if you must know, I wear Burberry Original, and Matt wears Mat; male, because I thoguht it was funny to buy it for him one day, and it turned out to be a fabulous scent). And the camera I wanted was $100 cheaper than retail. So... I did it. In about a week, I'll get to stop writing actual content and start posting pictures of my drinks.

Speaking of...


Voila. I had several Stellas tonight, because I think that it's delicious. And basically a light beer without tasting like one.

And. As I'm watching PR on the magic TiVo right now, and I'm completely intrigued by the Mom Challenge, we can talk about it in the comments. I'm still 20 minutes away from an elimination. But by the time you comment, I'll know... so go ahead and post whatever you want.


Pho said...

Vincent won? Did you see the tailoring in the back. It was all baggy and bunchy. I didn't like the mesomorphic lapels either, but I'll cede that to me not being "fashion forward." But that back. WTF?

Robert? He can't say he didn't see this coming. He would have been better off with his head-to-toe zebra print idea.

Airhead said...

Marcia, I HAVE that shelf! It's in the bathroom and holds all my towels and various lotions, creans, and washes. And I've had it for four years and I LOVE it. You will too :-)

Kelly said...

Poor Robert. He showed so much promise in that first episode!

Also, I have decided that
Wendi Pepper--->Kara Janx--->Angela Whatserface.

They're all the same. The only reason I'm willing to tolerate Angela any further is because I'm hoping Jeffrey will break down and sock her in the face.

Logan said...

I'm disappointed that Vincent won... but at the same time, at least Jeffrey was in the bottom two. Did you see that bitch get all boo-hoo-y afterward? Probably wouldn't have gotten triggered if it hadn't been for that little scare there.

I still want Uli to win overall. Her mom's hot!

Marcia said...

Logan - I LOVED Uli's mom! So perfect! I also liked Michael's adn Laura's. But WTF, Laura, just dropping the "I'm having a 6th child" bomb??

Also... I was sad to see Robert go, but besides the first challenge, he didn't really distinguish himself.

Kelly - I totally agree with your Wendi/Kara/Angela progression. Has PR progressed so that it's choosing designers by type? No good.

Pho - I want Vincent to be taken down about 12 pegs. Then I want him to be cut. But he should get into a slap-fight with Angela first.

Ellen K. said...

Stella Artois is a great beer. D. and I drank several (for breakfast!) on our flight home from London last fall, and now I can buy it at Schnucks.

Do not get me started on that snippy bitch Laura having a snippy 6th child...

Again, Michael can do no wrong. None whatsoever. And Uli! Yay for her, both for her good genes (hot mom) and good designs.

bobealia said...

Because you appreciated my new computer I had to run over here to tell you that that cute sceen... is also the computer. There's no big box part. Do you like it more now??? I do!!!
I don't have TV, so I can't watch PR, but I LOVED the first season. What season is it now?
Good post by the way. I laughed when I clicked on the Target buy and it was like a plain old white shelf. I expected pink and sparkles for some reason.

meno said...

I thought Uli should have been the winner, but no one listens to me.
Laura pregnant AGAIN? She didn't look too happy about it either. I didn't like her comment about just tossing another kid on the pile.
Jeffery better look out, i think Angela is out to get him after he was an ass to her mom.

The Bill's Special said...

Someone might have been a little D-Faced when this post was composed . . .

e-liz said...

I'm very proud of you for driving to Rita's! Good work.

Tabitha Dial said...

Hey, Marcia. I'm learning to drive a stick myself now... what an adventure. Good luck with the process.

doggerelblogger said...

I'm a little ashamed to confess that I've never watched PR, though I feel like I really, really want to - and was totally addicted to ANTM (as was my husband, but shhhhh! Don't tell anyone!)

And finally? Mmmm. Beer.

v said...

Umm, I want to post a comment but I'm not going to watch PR just to post a comment. I'm sorry people.

Anyway, congrats on learning a manual transmission and that your Oldsmobile is running as well as ever.

Hope your weekend road trip goes well. Have a good one Marse!

jargonscout said...

So what camera did you end up getting?

And about the cologne: I like the bottle. Pretty cool.

Sorry I was away for so long.