Thursday, August 24, 2006

Joy! Excitement! Long Naps!!

Think Pink

Some people would see this as a throwaway freebie from Sweet'n Low. My college roommate Jane saw it as the perfect present for me.

She was so right.

It basically made my day.

Which wasn't really hard, because the rest of the day was spent getting really cozy with the internet job sites. And discovering that a) there aren't that many jobs out there, and b) I don't want to do most of the jobs that are out there.

Also, I bought that shelf from Target.

Wow. That's a really full day. I should try to hold back tomorrow, because honestly, I don't think I can stand two days in a row this jam-packed.

(Actually, tomorrow I get to put the Target shelves together, and actually applying for the least offensive jobs that I can find. Also, I'll go to the dry cleaners. And everyone LOVES the dry cleaners.)


Lena said...


We pretty much had the same day. Alone, sad. Together, fun!

Zee Germans are coming said...

Who´s A (!) daddy?

bobealia said...

I think you should glue that thing to the windshield of the car with the words facing in so that while you learn to drive stick, all you have to do is look up and get the message. You'll learn stick in no time with some Pink attitude.
I know, the job thing pretty much bites. I hear ya.

Logan said...

*COUGH* factsaboutknitting *COUGH*

Ahem. Target rocks.

Kiki said...

what is that thing? I thought it was an inflatable football...I don't know. Maybe I'm projecting and I just want football season to start.

But really, what is that?

Liz said...

Inflatable pink beach ball?

Sweet n low sure has your number!

Hope you have some fun with the job search... lord knows I can sympathize.

doggerelblogger said...

Hey man, beat my day:

1. Packing linens
2. Trying to find where the frickin' moths are coming from
3. Putting Rubbermaid containers in cuboards
4. Haircut for child
5. Unpacking dishes
6. Watch child go mental with tissue paper, declaring living room "TissueLand"
7. Make dinner

Tabitha Dial said...

Man, can't beat your day, Doggerel...

And yes, what is that "Think Pink" thing?

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Jane is an ignorant slut.

doggerelblogger said...


1. The frickin' moths are Indianmeal moths, and apparently they came in with the birdseed.

2. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SWEET N' LOW THING? I am thinking whoopee cushion (which sounds so much funner than it actually is)

Ethel said...

So yes, what IS that pink thing? And internet job searching sucks.

Crashtest Comic said...

Leave the heels on, baby!