Sunday, August 27, 2006

Settling In

I feel like I'm finding my places in NorthEast Ohio.

A) This morning, Matt and I went to the Mustard Seed Market, which is like a small, Cleveland area Whole Foods. I kind of love it. More than kind of. This might be tempered by the fact that I'm now drinking the Cheap Red Wine that we bought there. They said "notes of Strawberry Jam," and they were right. Delicious.

B) We went for a hike in the MetroPark near my apartment. We did the 3.2 mile Adam's Run trail, and if was so beautiful. Huge hills, stands of pine trees, river beds everywhere, and many bugs (I did stop on a bridge to take a sip of the juice that I'd brought with me, and he said, "Mar, let's stop above the Mosquito Farm and have some Sugar Juice." I think it was his words that made me get bit.). I'm so upset I didn't have my new camera (Soon! By next Monday I'll stop trying to write, and I'll just post pictures of my wine, my culinary attempts [which, since I'm unemployed, are many], and my shoes. I promise.), because there are so many different beautiful shots I wanted to take - and I took several with my cell phone, but it's not the same. But I felt so much more like myself when I got out of my house to go hiking.

C) After the hike, since we were in the area, we headed to Szalay's Market, and got three different kinds of hot peppers (My husband might be crazy. He insisted, and so I bought onions and tomatoes so I can make salsa with the leftovers. Because SERIOUSLY, I can't think of another think to do with 10 large, hot peppers. So now I'm trolling the internet for good salsa recipes. And, because I'm like a 70 year old woman, I'm thinking about canning applesauce this fall. I really hope I get a job soon.)

D) I made Marcia Pizza again, and it was good, but not as good as in St. Louis. I left my pizza stone there, and it's just not the same without it.

E) Passing by DSW today, I decided that I'm not allowed to buy any more shoes until I'm gainfully employed. Since I know that I've got a $25 reward certificate in the mail to me, this is a real sacrifice. And incentive to get a job.

(PS. Logan! Don't worry. The "Facts About" posts resume tomorrow....)

(PS2. That pink thing? It's a blow-up beach ball that's not blown up.)

(PS3. I've discovered Bloglines. I'm so excited about it. Seriously. I now know INSTANTLY when all my blogs [and blogs that I'm watching... I've got more than 60 blogs on my list. I'm pathetic.] And I'm commenting more. Because it's so much less stressful to real all my blogs. Plus... I'm unemployed.)


Kay said...

I just got a new camera, too! I wish I'd had it when I first moved and was marvelling at new stuff, but it's still fun to play with...

Zee germans are still coming said...

Marcia, I am still trying to hint you towards a joyfull occasion. I recall you being a bit faster than that :P

bobealia said...

Why would you leave your pizza stone in St.Louis?? WHYYYY???
It's nice to hear you are finding your way. I felt that way the other day when I drove around by myself.
Good luck with the job search!

SarahReznor said...

sounds like you're having a really good time settling in :)

Heather said...

All your talk about hills and rivers and such makes me so jealous. I wish I was up north!! Or at least north of here. You have to take LOTS of pics when it's fall and all the leaves change.

Good luck with the job search! Your blog updates sound like me when I had just moved to St. Louis. I was still unemployed and hadn't started grad school yet or anything. So I discovered the markets on The Hill and tried to make all kinds of inventive stuff in the kitchen (most of which were disasters). But as you can imagine, I was sorta cranky about it all. :)

Crashtest Comic said...

Love the shoes!

v said...

Hiking. Awesome. There ya go, out and about, hip and happenin' in the good ol' AK-Rowdy Rowdy Piper (that's a WWF reference and, yes, I am ashamed of it).

Seriously, glad to see you two having some fun in Akron. I'm sure it has its wonderful spots, you'll just need some time to find them.

Trish said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on Vin Vini Vino. Welcome to Northeast Ohio. I was a newcomer, too, about five years ago. You'll settle in quickly. It's impossible not to feel like an insider here.

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