Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Post for the Irish:

I am so much more excited about attending the Michigan game next weekend after Notre Dame whooped up on Penn State today.

And I can't describe how much I love the new tradition of the players singing the Alma Mater with the students. I'm just disappointed my years at ND didn't have a coach that truly understood how much tradition means to the school. Or a coach who knew how to win. Either of those would have rocked.

(PS. Did I mention I'm headed to the Michigan game next weekend? Anyone else out there going? Care to meet up at a tailgate?)

(Also, seeing headlines saying that we "crushed" or "steamrolled" or "blew out" Penn State are DAMN good for my ego. Which will be inflating, along with my crush on Samardzija, throughout the season.)


Linz said...

Okay I didn't read the whole post but I'm going to go on a whim and say that:

Notre Dame WHORED UP AND F*IN BLEW AWAY the [insert team here].

Mar. BFF. For reals.

(/end Linz buzzed post)

Kiki said...

People keep asking me if I'm driving down this weekend and I keep saying I don't know. I have no ticket and no place to stay, but if I do go I'll drive down Sat morning and probably leave sometime during the middle of the 4th Quarter. If you're there I'd love to hit up your tailgate. I plan on being at Mike Brown's tailgate for a while too. Let me know.

Hmmm....this should have probably been an email and not a blog comment. Sorry.

Summer said...

OMG! Have you ever been to a Michigan/ND game? Insane fun. You'll love it.

I would just like to say that I went to U of M. I don't think this should make us enemies. We should rise above the rivilary, find a common ground-like shoes!

Have fun, I'm jealous. The end.

v said...

Yeah, yer Domers look pretty good.

Seems like they have a tough schedule though.

Have a great time at the game!

Kat said...

I'm going to be out for Michigan, too! Come to my parents' BBQ after the game!

bryan said...

Sadly, not only will I not be going to the game (1000 miles + no travel companion(s) + no tickets + no place to stay = no chance), I am working DURING the game. I know, I know...

Yesterday's game was nice though.

mjg said...

Too bad the game is not in Ann Arbor or I would totally meet up for some tailgating.

Cat said...

I met a former Notre Dame offensive lineman this weekend.

At a clam bake.

In Denver.

Awesome. Turns out the coach is some major Looney Toons, as well as being a rediculously talented coach. I have some stories for you!

Jsto said...

My parents wanted me to leave the game before the players sang the alma mater to "beat the traffic" obviously not ND grads... I told them I'd hitchhike