Thursday, September 07, 2006

Paris Hilton Arrested for DUI; the Pink Shoe Household is Unsurprised, Slightly Amused.

In other news, my dinner party last night? So much fun. I made Marcia Pizza (X2 for a crowd) (Hi Summer!) and salad and Peach Crumble.

But. Then I went to bed. And had a dream about making goodie bags out of circles of tulle and ribbon. Which is weird, but, you know, how you make little gauzy bags. But the really weird part? Um, i was filling them with peach crumble. Warm peach crumble.

So, basically, fabric with holes in it + cooked fruit with crumbly topping + ribbon = EWWWWWW.

And I was handing these bags to kids as they were leaving my house.

Dream Marcia was unperturbed.

Real Marcia was so perturbed that she woke herself up.

Any idea what this means?


blog Portland said...

It sounds Freudian to me.

Liz said...

Sounds to me like we need to line those little tulle bags with something... Or rethink the tulle altogether.

I think someone's got weddings on the brain.

Summer said...

Hey Marcia *little jump* you tell Linz no peeking at Marcia Pizza. I made her promise to not to try it/look at it/think about it until we can make it together. She's a wily one!

(Apparently, I'm a jumper.)

e-liz said...

I think your dream symbolizes your need to make things pretty and good but ultimately you lack control of things in your life.
How's that? I'm good at making up random crap off the top of my head.

Lindsay said...

Um, you guys, seriously? I'm having to hold my hand back from searching from Marcia pizza.

And Mar? Love the dream. LOOOVE IT. I can so picture you dreaming something like that. I heart you.

v said...

I think Dream Marcia is a revolutionary. Who says warm deserts can't go into goodie bags?

Ethel said...

Peach Crumble sounds delicious, not so much in a gauzy bag. You've been tagged, by the way. :-D

Lindsay said...

Do I hear "Christmas presents"? Think! Delicious vittles, AND a handy sack!

You are so welcome for the extra idea.

le BFF and le sternum BFF,

juliedooley said...

I think it means you want to feed everyone's inner child, and do it prettily with warm messy desserts. Which is just like you :) so no perturbed-ness (?) is necessary.

Unless? little gauze bags of oozy warmth are a good metaphor for the heart, n'est-ce pas? am I reaching too far?

Lena said...

Pizza always ensures I'll be dreaming that I have wings and can't run and am swinging through trees while driving a Nova...or something.

Salty maybe?

Although, I have to add I'm dieting and I would take that gift bag in an INSTANT.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

The "goodie bags" represent my scrotum. The warm peach crumble represents my jism. I have no idea what the ribbon represents.

bobealia said...

I think it means you are pregnant.