Tuesday, September 05, 2006

See? I DID Get a New Camera.

And I'm getting out in the world, and starting to take pictures.

So, I'm once again carrying my camera with me everywhere. On Saturday, running errands, with Matt, finally, a sliver of blue shown through the sky that had been grey since... Wednesday. "Take a picture," Matt told me, and I took several.

akron mountains

"That white part? It's like the Akron Mountains," he tells me. "And then there's sky, and real clouds, the grey, up above."

"Um, no," I reply, and refuse to discuss the topic any more. "You obviously didn't grow up in Colorado. And you don't get it." But I'm not mad, becuase I know he's trying to make me like Akron, make me think it's beautiful, make me happy again.

Finally, on our way home, the grey clouds have been defeated by the blue, and the happy, fluffy white, and we stop by the Nature Realm Metro Park and I we checked out one of the trails. And...

Nature Realm Butterfly

I'm not posting the 300 photos I took of the bush where the butterfly just was. Just imagine that I only took this one photo, and it's amazing. (No, really, check out the close up.)

Then... to prove to everyone, especially my family and the nay-sayers back in the Lou, that I don't live in the ghetto of Akron, here's where I live:


Very pretty. I'd write more, and post more pictures, but... Pete is in town, and we're drinking beer and watching Family Guy. Sorry.


Logan said...

And reading Meg's diary. Seen that episode yet? ;)

Just think, by the time you post again, that butterfly will have spat out some larvae, gone through the change of life, and be well on its way to death's doorstep. Hell, I bet it's dead RIGHT NOW. Ain't that a stinker? ;)

And that ominous gray cloud? Smog. Run, bitch!

SarahReznor said...

wow - it's really pretty! i love the butterfly photo!!! you're pretty talented.

v said...

Wow, aren't you talented. Seriously Marse, great photos. And I like where you two live. It's all forestry and pastoral, seems like a lovely place to live.

blog Portland said...

Nice place. Need a third?

e-liz said...

Wow, thanks Logan for that uplifting comment about the dead butterfly. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Miss Vincci said...

Wow...beautiful pics!

Anonymous said...

Nice new camera and pictures! Your place looks nice and secluded. Different from the Lou.

Have the neighbors complained about your outrageous parties yet? ;)