Monday, October 02, 2006

I Know, I Know, I've Been Gone For Forever, But I Was Having Fun and Taking Pictures, So Please Forgive Me?

Matt and I went down to South Bend for the football game again. This time with much better results. Meaning we kicked Purdue's butt, not that I care that much about football, but the post-game partying is so much more fun if we win.

But. First. You have to see what my mother-in-law gave to me: Pink Shoe kitchen towels! SO cute. So fun. I love my inlaws.

Then, we head over to South Bend. We arrive late, but I manage to run into Kat. "Want to have a beer or two before we head in?" I ask her. She informs me of her newly hatched plan to have two beers before heading into the game, and she and I enjoyed PBR while boring people with our blog-centric discussion topics: our mutual hatred of Technorati, the difference between SiteMeter and StatCounter, and other things that made everyone else around us happy that we weren't sitting together during the game.

Kat and I both managed to show our school spirit and wear pink at the same time. I had on a pink ND shirt, while she threw a pink jacket over her ND jersey - you can check out pictures over on her blog. When she finally gets them up. Because she has this loser thing called "work" to do.

After the game, Matt and I went over to Kat's parent's lovely house, where we drank wine and ate food until we couldn't do either anymore. And sitting around drinking water with Kat the next morning? It felt like we were back living in the dorms together. I didn't want to leave.


Logan said...

Then why did you? Dumbass. ;)

Amber said...

Those are the cutest towels I have ever seen. The ones I got from my inlaws only have the days of the week, not adorable pink shoes! You (and your inlaws) are fantastic!

bobealia said...

Your mom-in-law rocks. Those are the Cat's Me'Ass.

markus said...

those are awesome!

SarahReznor said...

those are so cute! your mother in law is awesome!

Airhead said...

I'm so jealous of both of you. However, I will be in the unemployed-and-loving-it phase of my life soon, and possibly of the going-to-ND-games phase of my life again, so it works :-)