Monday, October 02, 2006

Photos, Fetch, and Soups, Oh My!

So, the last blog post kind of just ended. Partially because I had some pictures from Notre Dame last weekend that I was going to post, and um, I realized that none of you really care about pictures of Notre Dame. Especially since I posted some two weeks ago.

(If I'm wrong about this, then e-mail me and I'll send you more pictures of the golden dome and the players raising their helmets at the student section and the band performing at halftime. I'll even send you pictures of Kat and I tres drunk at her parents house just before we went to bed.)

But. Kat and I talked about Fetch. And there should be an important anouncement in a few days. So keep your eyes on our blogs.

Continuing on. I have a presentation again in the morning. And I'm going to wear a pretty new dress.

BCBG Shirtdress for Presentation

Do you think the kids will learn from me while I'm wearing this?

Also, I made a Potato Leek soup from a French cookbook tonight (It was cold! So I went into warm and hearty soup mode. A mode I did not previously knew existed. But I'm kind of loving. Clam chowder and Jumbalaya, here I come!) - and, although it was delicious, I was completely NOT satisfied with how the cream thickened the mixture... which means that poor Matt will have to deal with the fact that I'm on a mission to figure out what went wrong and to correct it in all future cream soups from the Pink Shoe Household. So he'd better beware. And be prepared to gain 5 pounds.


v said...

Awesome, I'm first. Everyone else = owned! Or is it pwned? The kids these days, like I can keep up. Whatever.

Gorgeous dress Marse, especially the sleeves. You look hot. And the dots. Lovely shoes too. You'll have the kids eating out of your hands.

Have a great presentation!

bobealia said...

Love the dress.

vaguely urban said...

I'd ask how the presentation went, but it's pretty obvious that, wearing a dress like that, you could only kick ass!

goirishkj said...

AMAZING dress! :)

I think I missed something, but who are these kids you're presenting to? And what sorts of subjects are you presenting on?

Good luck, but you won't need it. Good clothes (which you have, obviously) mean that everything else is cake.

kim said...

Great dress!!!

Lena said...

Oh, potato leek is my mostest favoritest. The key is to use 1/2 cream and 1/2 NF milk. This way the cream isn't too thick. Did you saute the leeks in butter first? Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Again, with the dinner suggestions - I thank you.

I just saw your pic on Kat's site -you guys look adorable...and drunk. I told Kat I'm photoshopping myself into it. Is that weird?

Good luck tomorrow! I mean, today.

EC said...

I love the dress and shoes!! So modern retro (if that is a word, lol)

Girl, Dislocated said...

Looks gorgeous!!!

Jules said...

I LOVe the dress, Soooo cute! where did you get it?

Do you have another shoe choice? I'm not feelin' that one...which if you ARE then go woth it. However, Maybe have the internet vote on the other shoe options you might have. Sorry.

Jules said...

oops too late to change shoe choice...sorry...i am sure it wa fine. CUTE CUTE