Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm Finally Admitting That It's October, And Possibly Going to Get Cold.

Today, in an effort to make my little apartment and Akron both feel like home, we went and got pumpkins at the farmer's market near my house.

First, check out the Warlock Pumpkins:

Warlock Pumpkins

I had no idea that such a thing existed.

BUT. Matt wouldn't let me get a pumpkin that was wart-y or covered in green veins. Or white. Or, really, weird at all.

Which was fine, because there were 5 carts like this:

pumpkin cart

And an entire other barn full of pumpkins for us to choose from.

Which, I spent an entire 30 minutes looking at, choosing, and changing my mind. I would have taken longer if I could have.

In the end, Matt, his coworker, and I all got beautiful, heavy pumpkins. Honestly, I never knew how heavy these suckers were until I had to carry them up 3 flights of stairs! But they are.

And. The best thing? We're going to have a pumpkin carving contest sometime this week. Because Matt's coworker? He's NEVER carved a pumpkin before. And we figured that the ripe old age of 30 was the time for him to start.

I was going to post for you the pumpkins that we bought, which are sitting there, so cutely, next to my front door, and I talk to them every time I go in and out (Hi Pumpkins! Were you good while I was out? Throw any large parties?), but then you'd have a fair idea of which pumpkin was mine. And as you, the magic internets, are supposed to be the blind judges of the pumpkin carving contest (which I'm hoping will have as many as 5 contestants) .

(AND. Read the post below. Fetch has finally launched!!!)


Liz said...

Oh thank god I'm not the only person my age who doesn't have a child and still loves an opportunity to cut a face into a vegetable!

anne said...

I think my girls' group is going to be carving tonight!! WHooo!!

bobealia said...

Say hi to the pumpkin for me.

meno said...

are you sure those weren't wartlock pumpkins? Sorry.
Are you going to roast the seeds? I love that part.

LeighAnn said...

I love this time of year!

Those are beautiful pumpkins! Sounds like you had a great time!

v said...

Great idea on having an internet judged Pumpkin carving contest. I'm going to judge the Jacks on 33 aesthetic factors. FYI.

And way to go on Fetch! I read your article Marse! You've even convinced me cooking is easy! Too bad I will not apply this theory yet. Anyway, congrats to you and Kat and others on the magazine!