Saturday, October 14, 2006

Listen Up, Internet!

I have two important announcements to make:

1) FETCH is up! Tell all your friends!!

Fetch is an online magazine that Kathleen O'Leary has been working on putting together - it's geared towards professional, educated young women.

Kat, really has done a powerfully good job, selecting all the articles, photos to go with the articles, uploading and editing the bulk of the articles, and in general, working out the kinks and craziness that no one could have expected. (I hear that there are spreadsheets involved with organizing all of this. I'm so happy that I have never seen those. they would make my head explode.)

So GO! Tell all your friends! Spend all your work time reading it!

And, if you're bored, check out my article on how to fake being a domestic goddess.

(Speaking of my article, I'm working on my next one, which tackles the holiday season. What are your hardest things about the holidays? What could you use the most help with?)

2) I'm finally employed. I got the part-time test-prep teaching job. Which is so exciting for me. AND. I hear about the other job, the bridal store, on Monday. In the best of both worlds, I'll be able to swing both of these jobs.


Kat said...

Um, dude. Did you forget that YOU have been working on this as well? You have been editing, too :-).

Marcia said...

um, yeah, Kat, but you did about 6 gazilion times more work than me. You're Fetch's momma, I'm just a babysitter. :)

Logan said...

Yay, Fetch!

Also, is there a yarn shop near Akron? Go there, take pictures, and explain to me why you're not working there instead. :P

Summer said...

I have a lot of holiday decor from many different decades and many different themes. How do I make it look, ugh, like a cohesive holiday display?

What duhya think 'bout that?

markus said...

yay, marcia!

anne said...

Hardest thing about the holidays: not having the exact same centerpieces every year or swags or whatever, but yet also not spending much money. Very tricky. Christmas & the stores con me into thinking I should spend a lot when I don't need to, I just need to learn more creativity! :)

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Congrats on the job, Marcia! Im checking out the mag as we speak, because I am a professional, educated young woman.

TSN said...

Congrats on the job!!! And the magazine!!! Everybody thinks you are fabulous!!! (Nobody thinks you are not fabulous!)

Miss ya!