Thursday, October 12, 2006


Today, as I was sitting, getting ready for my 6pm job interview, it started snowing.

First, I wasn't sure.

I thought there might be little flakes in the sky, but I hoped that I also might be hallucinating.

I closed my eyes. And opened them again.

The little flakes were still there.

And increasing in number

Suddenly, it was almost white when I looked outside. When I looked down, I saw it wasn't sticking, but there was a flurry of frantic flakes fighting to find the ground.

I tried to ignore it. It's only mid-October, I can't deal with this yet. Please.

I'm a summer girl. I like skirts. And little tank tops. And no coats.

2 minutes later, the air is still white.

And a minute after that, the sun breaks through, and it's crisp outside, only a little dampness left.

Thank god.

Too bad it was still only 40 degrees.


Summer said...

-I love snow.

-I'm very jealous.

-I'm a little crazy.

Jsto said...

It snowed in South Bend yesterday too.

Princess in Galoshes said...

No snow in Denver, yet. But I'm ready for it, esp. at the end of the month!

I love the little trick-or-treaters with big ol' ski jackets over their Princess Jasmine costumes. hee.

bobealia said...

Hey, why's it so cold there? It must be colder than her and I'm north of you. HUH?

M-M-M-Mishy said...

OMG, I got snow last night and today. I'm freaking out! Its soo early! Its too soon!

I'm in southern Ontario. Where are you? I guess in a similarly chilly climate.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Oh, well, judging from your previous posts, I guess Ohio?

e-liz said...

Ugh. Snow. I'm sorry for you.

goirishkj said...

No snow here in mid-Missouri. Doesn't that make you miss the show-me state? HA! Well you might miss STL, but if you lived out here in the boonies you wouldn't miss it.

More important than all this snow stuff, what did you wear to the interview? :)

Jen said...

My cousin said in Chicago it droped 30 degrees and was only 40 yesterday. How sad. All of us people here in SoCal will be keeping an eye on the weather and praying for you while surfing. :) Just Kidding. I feel bad for you!!

v said...

I think you should embrace the snow Marse. Like I mentioned on Mishy's blog snow means skiing. Plus you can make a snowman and make sure he's dressed very sharply. Or snowwoman.

Though wouldn't it have been kinda cool if you were hallucinating? Okay maybe a little scary, but still kinda cool.

huniii said...

mmmm snow. jelous much. we just broke a 150 year old record for the hottest consecutive days in october. snow would be good!