Monday, October 23, 2006

I've Officially Become Trite:

I'm not only posting a video that I took on YouTube, but I'm linking to a MySpace site.

So, last night, Matt and I drove 2 hours to go see Jolie Holland play at Little Brothers in Columbus.

It was totally worth it.

Now GO. Check out Jolie Holland's MySpace. You can listen to some of her songs there, but not my favorite, Mexican Blue, so I uploaded my video of that...


Check out the sign in Little Brothers:

Little Brothers

It cracks me up because Jolie's so mellow, no one would ever stage dive listening to her.


Jay said...

Well you just never know when someone's going to get all super-charged, and all it takes is one stage diver to ruin it for everyone....or maybe the sign is just a secret coded message to the fans, like only the red letters count, or scramble upall the black ones.

your Lord in Heaven said...

Petite Marcia-

This music is so mature and folkish for someone so pretty. I really think Britney Spears would be more to your liking.

Always watching-


Summer said...

I bet you stage dive. I heard they used to call you 'Mosh Pit Marcia' back in the day!

v said...

First of all, MySpace is trite while YouTube is media for the masses by the masses, yadda-yadda-something.

Second of all, I can't watch the video.

Okay, I can't watch the video because YouTube is on "scheduled downtime" or something. Okay. YouTube is trite.

Anyway, your music rec's are so awesome that I'm positive I'm going to be a Jolie Holland fan. Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow to watch the video.


Ziomal said...

Very nice! I like it. amt depreciation