Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rando Pictures From My Mini-Vaca

Apparently, on this trip, I forgot how to finish words, because I'm now saying things like Rando and Abso and Redonk. But I kind of like it.

The first night, I went with my friends Sarah and Laura to have sushi. And drinks. And then Laura ate the biggest bite of sushi ever.

Laura Sushi

And then Sarah suggested we go buy cheap champagne and drink it.

It was a damn good suggestion.

And. Laura? Who I was staying with? Has the most AMAZING view. It's my background now, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.

cathedral basilica

I used to live a block from here. Most dangerous city in the US or not, it's still a damn pretty building.

And then the Cards won the world series. And that was pretty fun.

Saturday, I went to brunch with TSN and JargonScout. My favorite moment of that breakfast was when we got our food, and JargonScout looked at TSN's and mine, and said, incredulously, "How did the two of you get bacon??" (We had ordered it.)

Then I got to go to the fun wedding.

Pretty Wedding

And. The flowers? So pretty.

Tiffany's Boquet

It almost makes me want to get married again, this time in the fall.

After the wedding, I was lucky enough to go on the "party bus" bringing the wedding party around to take pictures and drink... At our first stop, the grocery store, we got the bride a Strawberry Shortcake canteen.

Tina, Flowers, and Strawberry

Which spent the rest of the day filled with Raspberry Vodka and Sprite.

(PS -That's about the prettiest dress in the world. Seriously.)

At the first picture stop, we ran into several other weddings trying to take pictures - and I took a picture of the most interesting bridesmaids I've ever seen.

Goth Bridesmaids

After the wedding and reception, I headed over to my friend J-Wat's fabulous Hallow-Idol party, and danced, in four inch heels, until I was about to fall over from exhaustion.

Then I flew home.

As much as I complained about living in St. Louis? I really miss it.


bobealia said...

I like how the black goth dresses suit the bridesmaids. Usually it doesn't work that way. What did the bride look like?

Sounds like you had an Amazing time.

tsn said...

And St Louis misses you!!!

It was great to see you again!

goirishkj said...

I absolutely love fall. The colors are just absolutely gorgeous, and I love those orangeish roses with the reddish tips! So pretty! And with sage bridesmaid dresses they look amazing. Uh, not that I think about wedding stuff anymore or anything, no of course not...

Of course the only problem with a fall wedding is scheduling it around football.

e-liz said...

We miss you too. Sigh. Maybe I need to come and visit.

Princess in Galoshes said...

A Strawberry Shortcake canteen?

You are my hero.

Also: invited to my wedding.

Jen said...

sounds so fun. those bridesmaids were freaky. Good picture in honor of Halloween!!

JH said...

Nice goth bridesmaids! Did you get their written permission to post the photo on your blog?! And thanks for sharing photos of the wedding. But no Hallow-Idol photos?! Sorry I missed seeing you.

v said...

Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time.

That is a pretty dress.

And great to see the Goth Bridesmaids expressing themselves.

And STL won the series.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking me! I wish you were still here :)


Ellen K. said...

Damn, I missed you at Jen's party! We left around 11 because my medieval princess dress (which was pink, and awesome) was constricting my ribcage.

I like that canteen.

The Goth bridesmaids... not so much.

Mel said...

I agree, her wedding dress is awesome!

Melissa said...

My hubby went to school in St. Louis at Wash U. We try to go to the Balloon Race each year but missed this year. I really missed going out there. The Basilica really is a stunning building to see.

Sounds like you had a lot of fun while out there.