Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Great Pumpkin Contest Has Finished

Unfortunately, the pumpkins themselves did not last as long as the contest. My pumpkin and Matt's started growing a particularly disgusting hairy blue and spiderweby-white mold covering and had to be disposed of by Monday. This is probably the reason that most people a) carve pumpkins much closer to the actual date of Halloween and b) keep them outside once they are carved - besides the fact that the crisp October air acts as a makeshift refridgerator, if they do grow colorful mold, you don't have to smell it when they're outside. And let me tell you. It was smelly. EW.

But. On to the results.
A: 8
B: 6
C: 11
D: 18

And, overwhelmingly, people thought that I had carved Pumpkin C. But what all of you have forgotten is that I am inherantly lazy, and wouldn't stand to do all those crazy curly-qs. I actually carved the winner, D. When I picked out that cute, tall pumpkin I thought that the simple, elongated, modern face would a) look cute on this li'l guy and b) be tres facile to carve.


blog Portland said...

I was soooo right. What do I win?

And please hop over and see me; I totally ripped your pumpkin contest off.

v said...

Well I thought C was the most aesthetically pleasing. I demand a recount! Okay, not really. And in reality, they were all pretty damn good.

Congrats on your Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Musing said...

Oh, shoot. I wish I'd come across your blog sooner and I would've posted about your contest on competizione. We're a clearing house for contests hosted by bloggers.

Let me know if you have another. :-)

bobealia said...

Do I get any points for picking yours as the winner even though I thought you did C? Like a half of a point? So what do you win for winning?

Anonymous said...

Rigged, I say!

Tabitha Dial said...

What a sweet contest. Wish I had thought of it for my blog!