Thursday, October 26, 2006

And I'm Off...

I'm headed to St. Louis for the weekend, for my beautiful friend Tina's wedding.

And also a fun party thrown by my friend J-Wat.

I'm excited to see all of my old friends. And to take a lot of pictures.

I'll be back on Sunday night.

(AND. Tomorrow I post the winners of the Pumpking Carving Contest and tell you which one I made.... You can still get your votes in! And snarky comments are appreciated.)


v said...

First comment! I pwn the internets! Whatever.

Anyway, have fun Marse! Take some pics! Have a great time!

bobealia said...

The pumpkin carving contest was a big hit, huh? You even made a long time reader make a first time comment. I should have a contest. But for what?

Have fun -- I know you will.

the queen said...

Man, and the weather is cold and rainy here in St. Louis. Really, it should have been hot and humid, just to make sure you wouldn't miss us so.

blog Portland said...

Bring back beer.

Lena said...

Your life is so fab, Marcia.