Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Promise I'm Not Going Out of Town Again for a While After This. At Least Not Until the 24th.

This past two months, it feels like I'm travelling like crazy, and I'm never going to have a week to myself again.

Which is probably true. Because on Monday, when I get back? I'm starting training for that job that I got back in October. Which, first off, I have to say, hey, way to be on top of that, employer.

But. I'm about to get on a plane to head to NYC for the rest of the week. To see some friends, hang out, think about neighborhoods, etc. I'll be back Sunday. But I've got some posts up my sleeve that will be coming out in the mean-time.

And. Get ready for some awesome "Check out what I just bought, isn't it awesome?" posts when I get back. Which, frankly, are some awesome posts.

(Also, those oh-so-charming "Check out what I wore to work, isn't it awesome?" posts. Remember the days when this was basically a "Check out Marcia's Sternum" photo blog? Those were fun. Let's do that some more.)


Darla said...

Hi there, new reader. Have fun in NYC :)

Vaguely Urban said...

If I may: Cafeteria at 17th and 7th in Chelsea has the best mac and cheese in the city, and excellent cocktails. Everything's delish, and they're open 24/7. And, CHEAP! Have fun out there.

Kim said...

On a side note that has nothing to do with New York, I recently found a web site while hunting for a place for my handmade goodies called . I'm really impressed and I think your skirts would make a fabulous addition. Plus it's cheap to list and sell, and it's very proffesional. I promise they didn't hire me to be a spokesperson I'm just smitten!

Lena said...

I can fold myself up very neatly. Can you slip me in your carry-on?

v said...

Well, sounds like you'll be busy, but at least you'll be having fun.

And I'm sure you'll be great at your new job.

Have a great time in NYC.

Bobealia... said...

I was in the city today!!! And you missed out on meeting me!! I got lost coming out of the subway at Columbus circle and walked the wrong direction up Broadway for like 10 blocks. But don't tell anyone.