Friday, January 05, 2007

Yeah, I Thought About Giving Up SnackWraps As My New Year's Resolution, But Really, What's Life Without SnackWraps?

I've been trying to write about my vacation, but it wasn't really that eventful. I mean, no one wants to hear about being stuck at DIA (TWICE! But not overnight, and hell, I get stuck at DIA overnight when there's not the huge storm of the century coming through. So no big deal.).

Then, hanging out in a small mountain town that I'd never been to before - but it was pretty cool. Check it out. Also. Check out me and the horses, just before the sleigh ride.

Marcia, Bob, Bill

Yeah, that pretty pink scarf? The Nello made it for me. And it totally rocks. It has pretty little loopies at the bottom.

In other news, I cut 5 inches off my hair yesterday. And it's still way past my shoulders. It feels short to me, but I've come to terms with the fact that I'm crazy.

Also, today is Matt's birthday. And I managed to surprise him with a present that he had no idea I'd snuck into our luggage over Christmas, which I left so he'd see it while he drank his morning coffee. Huge success. And with a coworker helping out, I showed up, as a surprise at the work lunch. With a two layer yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Matt's favorite.

Although - I claim a world record. I returned from the store with the yellow cake mix (SHH! I was in a hurry.) at 11:06, had the cakes in the oven by 11:14, removed them at 11:45, and had them, frosted, stacked, and relatively pretty looking by 11:50. And I was only 10 minutes late for the lunch. And the lateness was completely the fault of the parking situation. Which was bad.

I took a picture of the cake - but since I'm running out the door for a little weekend trip, then the pictures will wait.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!


Logan said...

You are amazing. I tell you this way too seldom.


blog Portland said...

It sounds perfect, but I thought the song calls for a one horse open sleigh.

anne said...

Looks like a fabulous vacation! :) Cake sounds good...

v said...

Sounds like yall had a wonderful time.

Great photo!

And mucho props on the cake making skills. I can't believe the Food Network hasn't called you yet. They should totally give you a show. Well, that's if you wanted one.

Have a fun weekend trip!

Bobealia... said...

That is a funny picture. You look superimposed into it. No seriously, look at it. Doesn't your hand even look superimposed?? Am I crazy?

The horse jewelry is gorgeous.

Oh, I posted my hair before and after pictures. You should too!!

Bobealia... said...

Oh, and I want a better pic of the Nello scarf. It looks great though.

Anonymous said...

A little weekend trip? Le sigh, I want your life.

Then again, I just came back from a big three-week trip, so I can't really complain. Really.

Ellen K. said...

I LOVE yellow cake with chocolate frosting. That is my favorite cake mix combination. Happy birthday to Matt!

Lena said...

Do show the blogosphere pictures of said haircut.

And also, you know you want to photoshop horns onto those horses!

Kelly said...

There's the pink scarf!
It looks great on you!
Hope you had a great weekend!