Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Rule

Matt comes home, and I immediately know what game he's playing. "No, I'm not going to call Dell for you. Your computer is broken, you have to get it fixed," I tell him.

He begs, he pleads, he offers to buy me new shoes. I stand firm.

I threaten not to talk to him until he calls Dell, but he sees that as more of a reward than a punishment, happy to finally have peace from my incessant yapping. I give in on that tactic - but not on my resolution to not call Dell.

"Every time mine breaks, I call. And when it started to break last week, I had to field a call from that crazy, non-English speaking Dell employee for you - and even though we had a significant language issue, I managed to fix your computer. And, every time we've ordered pizza since we've been in Akron, I've had to call. So you're making this call, or you're living with a computer that doesn't turn on. So HA," I tell him triumphantly.

Still, he persists. "I'm going for a run," he tells me. "Call Dell while I'm out."

"I'm busy making dinner," I tell him, finally realizing how to end this conversation that has gone on for 45 minutes already.

"What are you making?" he enquires, watching me cut into an onion.

"Fajitas," I say, without looking up. "Vegetarian fajitas."

I can tell that he's shocked. "What happened to the steak and chicken you were going to put in?" he asks, almost pitifully.

"If you don't call Dell, there isn't going to be any," I say, gleefully. I can tell that my plan is going to work. He'd do anything for Steak and Chicken Fajitas.


Vaguely Urban said...

It's like a 1960's sitcom, updated for the new millenium. (Also you have a bunch of degrees and are not a manipulative hausfrau.)

Bobealia... said...

I'm happy when anyone makes me dinner. Meat or no meat. I'd call Dell for you if you fed me. Period.

Kelly said...

you're a sly one, you are.
I see you are learning the ways of the Wife.

tsn said...

Mike's the same way with his meat. We were barely finished with our last vegetarian meal on February 28th before he was begging me to go out for chicken wings. We had pulled pork for dinner last night, and he confessed that he was no longer scared to come home and eat dinner. So much for being vegetarians!

v said...

You're one tough, and sharp, cookie! Way to go. I mean I hate to go against the hubster, but how can he not call Dell to get his computer fixed? Ha.