Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Time!

It's that time again - where I bring you step by step through the important part of the Oscars - the fashion. I'll be updating continuously throughout the night. Enjoy!

First up on the red carpet, new mom Maggie Gyllenhall and her fiance Peter Sarsgaard:

I think the asymmetrical neckline is flattering, and I like the feathers all around the hem. Well played!

Next up we've got Portia de Rossi, girlfriend of the host Ellen DeGeneres, also in blue and black, and also looking fabulous:

I wish you could see the bottom and back of this dress -- very flowy, lots of pretty, string-y details.

Now, for something bad no good. Jodie Foster.

I don't even recognize her. I wouldn't think the dress was so bad just seeing in on it's own, but... this doesn't even look like her, it distorts her shape, and the color washes her out. No good.

And, as things seem to come in streaks, the next photo I have is also bad: Jessica Biel. Her hair! Even Matt didn't like the way she looks. And he ALWAYS likes the way she looks.

The waist is in the wrong place, the back of it obscures her awesome bo-dank-a-dank, and her HAIR! She should fire her stylist.

Now. I love everything about this dress on Cameron Diaz: It's unusual, it's attractive, the color works with her hair, it looks awesome with her new nose. Just one thing:

Next time, sweetie, get a size larger. This one doesn't fit.

Jennifer Hudson has looked awesome at the awards shows this season, and the public has fallen in love with her. But apparently, she's decided to test that love. With an ugly, metallic, unflattering, python print shrug:
I think that the dress is fine on it's own, but I can't get past the blinding insanity of the jacket to really know for sure.

Ok, I don't know what Kirsten Dunst was aiming for here:

If it was "busy and unflattering", then she nailed it.

Finally, someone who looks amazing.

Helen Mirren. I hope that I look half this good when I'm 60.


librarian pirate said...

for the most part I agree with you, but I think that Maggie's neckline makes it look like one of her boobies is trying to escape. When I get past that impression I'm fine.

So I just read the comment you left in my blog (with the horrible Sue pun) and started giggling like no other. Brandon wanted to know why I was giggling, and I told him he really didn't want to know because it really wasn't funny. The only way to convince him of the unfunniness (because I really couldn't stop giggling) was to show him the joke.

I'm still giggling, but woooeee that was a bad one.

kim said...

Helen looked fantastic. Kate Winslet looked good, as did Cate Blanchett.

Nicole Kidman? Not so much.

Braindead Betty said...

My daughter called Helen Mirren a princess. They say kids and animals are good judges of people, y'know.

SarahReznor said...

Portia looked bad.. sorry... i agree with you on everything else though - wtf was jessica biel thinking with that pink thing? it's the bleeping oscars! did jennifer hudson go o n stage with that jacket? i forget. hope not!

Vaguely Urban said...

I'm with you on most of the above, though I have to say - while there's no question she could have picked a better dress, Jessica Biel still looks smoking.

Jsto said...

I think that Kirsten Dunst saw three different dresses and said I want the top of that one, the middle of that one and the bottom of that one. and then Dr. Frankenstein cut them up and made one complete dress.