Thursday, March 29, 2007

What Passes For Intelligent Conversation Chez Pink Shoe:

Matt: Why is the Great Salt Lake on all the national maps, and no other lakes are?

Marcia: Um, it's bigger than Rhode Island.

Matt: You're bigger than Rhode Island.


The Bill's Special said...

Other than the Great Lakes, of course. I meant purely intrastate lakes. Salt Lake is just in Utah, right?

Lizzle said...

I have a map that has the great lakes, the great salt lake, and lake tahoe... and a couple of other lakes in florida and minnesota. I think Matt needs to get a new map.

SarahReznor said...

LOL!!! that's sounds like hubby ans me!!! we're always doing that! i think the last one was -

- coffee's too hot.
- you're too hot!

v said...


e-liz said...

Good comeback Matt. Well done.

Kelly said...

That is SOOO something Tyson would say to me.
It made me laugh out loud!!