Thursday, March 15, 2007

Susan's Shower

Monday, it was almost 70 degrees, and fabulous. Yesterday, it was 60, and we slept with the windows open.

This morning, I woke up, and looked out the window, and saw everything blanketed in about two inches of snow.

Fabulous. No wonder I love March so much. My birthday and unexpected weather fluctuations. You know, the usual. Warm one day, snowing the next, and the random earthquake thrown in for effect.

But anyway, I promised pictures, and I have many to show you. Of the Librarian Pirate's baby shower in Chicago this past weekend.

First, check out how big my little sister is getting:


Now really, my younger sibling is not allowed to do that. She should have asked me first. And I would have said, "NO!!!!! No!! Go play with your dolls and I will make you imaginary tea."

But. Whatever. She didn't ask me, and now I get to be an aunt. Which pretty much rocks. (And. All you haters out there: don't tell me that she's obviously having a boy because of the shape of her stomach. Which you could see a lot more if I posted another photo, of her bare belly, but that's also kind of disturbing, so if you want to see it, I'll pass it on. But. I maintain that she will have a girl. That I can then spoil.)

So, I got to see Susan's library (she's a LIBRARIAN, after all) and it was covered with quotes everywhere. Literary quotes all over the walls. It was really cool, and I especially liked this one. Then I got to sit in the chairs in the children's section:


But, back to more important things. We were there for a party, so I'm guessing you want to know things about the party. A) My brother came in to surprise everyone, and my mother was absolutely speachless when she saw him (as was the plan). B) There were party favors - almond toffee wrapped in cute little duck fabric:

Party Favors

C) There were desserts. Desserts that my cousins had gotten me just drunk enough to give into eating a hell of a lot of:


D) There were presents. Being 1/2 Irish, and having this party with my 100% Irish relatives, appropriately, the first gift was:


A Belleek piggy bank.

Pretty fabulous party, eh? I enjoyed it.


Logan said...

Aww, check yo' cute self out! Makes me wanna come sit in your lap or something.

And your earthquake trumps the eight inches we're supposed to get tomorrow. Boo. :(

Anonymous said...

I want to put that quote on my wall. And your sister looks fantastic.

Vaguely Urban said...

So much darlingness! The little chair! The prosh desserts! The piggybank! The belly!

librarian pirate said...

you are super adorable! You can make me *real* tea and I'll play with all the fun baby toys I now have (cute green elephant! perplexing quilt! adorable bunny!) instead, ok?

Princess in Galoshes said...

You and your sister are rediculously adorable. Frickin' lucky gene pool.

Also: LOVE, love, love those banners with quotes on them!! Go sis' library!

Lizzle said...

Ok, I'm grateful that you didn't tease me with tantalizing paragraphs about the city I love and miss dearly! That's very kind of you.

And now I will say that I am so wanting that piggy bank now!

Jsto said...

Susan is so freaking cute I can't stand it.

Those little desserts look amazingly delicious. Remember those petit fours we had with a bottle of champagne at your apartment one afternoon and then I went to Deviant Behavior class a little toasted.

Bobealia... said...

You and your sister and the desserts look super cute. How come the pregnant girls get all the cute tops? I love that your sister's nose wrinkles up when she smiles. Mine does too and I don't know that many other nose wrinklers. I can't tell if yours does, but I definitely have an affinity toward your sister now.
Happity Hippity Hopity Birthday!!!
(Oh, I bought pink shoes the other day and they rock.) When you come I'll show you the store where I got them.

jo! said...

oh man, i miss you guys! i hope susan is feeling as wonderful as she looks!